Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Remedies's that time of the year when we're scattering to find a place where we can run in and get our flu shots or Billy or little Mary can't go to school because of the sniffles, sore throats or from coughing all night.

I tell you it will just wear you down to a frazzle. But when it comes to Moms, it's entirely another animal. We just don't take the time to care for us like we do everyone else.

So I came across some awesome home remedies and cute illustrations I thought might be most helpful to those who fit into this category and who knows they could actually cure us while we create!

For instance if you suffer from a toothache you can retrieve a splinter from a tree which has been struck by lightening and it will clear it right up! Who knew?

To cure a sore throat:
1. Put kerosene on a dirty, worn sock and tie it around your neck.
2.Also gargle salt water.
3.Gargle with Tabasco sauce, ten drops, in a cup of warm water.
4. Place some chopped onions or garlic under your pillow.
And a great tip to remember for next year:
5.If you go barefooted in the summertime enough so that the bottoms of your feet get tough, you won't have many colds or sore throats the following winter!
To stop hiccups, place your hands over your ears and swallow three times.

To relieve a headache.
1.Chew a piece of willow or birch bark.
2.Soak a towel in vinegar and wrap it around your head.
3.Sprinkle some brown paper with vinegar and place the paper on your head.
4.Lie down and place a fresh lemon peel across your forehead.

Tip Of The Day:
And ladies, if you should be one of those terribly unfortunate ones to suffer from those pesky nits and lice I'm told that if you simply use your hair dryer on a daily basis it will prevent those unwanted critters from getting a toehold on a person's head.

So hope this helps at least one person today!
Note: Copied from "Kiss A Mule, Cure A Cold" by Evelyn Jones Childers


  1. Oh Molly,
    How cute and fun was this post? I don't think I will find much tree bark out here in Phoenix, unless a cactus needle or palm tree will work. That is about all I have out here. Who would have guessed I could get rid of my sore throat with kerosend and a dirty old sock tied around my neck. I'll have to remember that one. What the kerosene smell doesn't kill the dirty sock odor ought to hu? Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  2. Well as much trust as I have in doctors these days these sound pretty good!!
    Cute post Mollye!

  3. These are brilliant. Your posts just get better and better! Suzie. x

  4. hilarious! can you imagine walking around with a kerosene rag around your neck? it might cure your sore throat - but will also make you high and give you cancer ..... sheesh!

  5. Oh wow, I might have to try a few of these home remedies. I've heard a couple of them before but had forgotten about them till I read this. Love your posts, they are always interesting.


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