Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whose Yo Daddy

Colorful Journaling with a purpose as I went about trying to visually present something that might last for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to see who my Daddy and Momma were. This book was a scrapbook with heavy duty watercolor pages and I wrote with colored pencil, glued, attached elements and painted with Goache and even with all that it is still very stiff and "lasting". The little picture of me on the front shows me as I was looking three years ago and I attempted to be very honest in my recollections and feeling so the youngins who had not known the gift of grandparenting by my momma and daddy would at least have a little something to feel as if they were a part of..........

This layout speaks for itself in the bond of family

The Sunday Afternoon Drive quite common for that time. What in the heck else was there to do????????????

Days when my Mom and Pop owned the little family Diner known as George's Drive-In and I learned what hard work is

Wednesday evening Choir Practice. My Pappy was the choir director at Levy Methodist Church and that was OUR time together

WhooHoo..........Favorite pasttime of the 50's.........the Drive-in Movies and boy oh boy did I love it. The whole dang family could get in for propably a dollar or maybe less and we'd unfold the quilt and Freddie and I would get to stay on it the entire night in front of the car. Never mind the mosquitos. That was just a THANG! And during intermission we could go up to the front by the screen and play on the swings and stuff. Momma would take Kool Aid or something like that and have either Crystal Burgers or a sack of sandwiches to limit money spent at the snack bar and that was how our family could have fun on a shoestring.

My Junior High and High School band days and I would not trade those experiences for anything even though some of the adventures we had I didn't want to post for my grandyoungins to read about. teehee

And another great memory was Summer Camp. My Aunt Anne sent me every summer and there I learned how to be homesick and make Mocassins. And boy I'm glad of that because when Punkin and I married five years ago, I made a pair of knee high buckskin mocassins to wear!

Guess I grew bored with the project because it ends here although there are many more blank pages. Hmmmmmmmmmm this is one I really should finish.


  1. hey there, mizmollye!

    i know i don't get around often enough, but when i do, i always delight in your stories and pictures!

    what a wonderful, precious gift to hand down to future generations ... your journal. it's beautiful and unique and i'm sure will be treasured for many years to come! keep up the great work ... don't leave any blank pages. :-)

    hope you're having a lovely week over there in louisianna.

    your texas neighbor,
    terry lee

  2. Very nice Mollye. I will be doing my first journal pages soon for a challenge. Should be fun.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful art.

  3. Love your journaling, how precious a gift for the future generations to enjoy. Thanks for sharing this, it helps give me ideas for what I want to do with mine.


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