Monday, September 28, 2009

You Just Know You're Getting Old When................

Well we've heard all the old sayings about when we know we're getting old, and in the past few days each and every one applied to me! Yes Sisters, I said it. I used to blow and go with the best of them and I am plumb worn to a frazzle. And I didn't even make it to the Circus as planned. "just too tired". ho hum....I'm just gonna have to do better than that or Punkin might start thinking about trading me in for a newer model.

All joking aside, I did have a good weekend and one of the best things was visiting with my daughter Lori and her husband Marc you see here in their TV show office. A quick trip though.
Last night I met up with a longtime friend, Sherry that I haven't seen in several years and we attended the Randy Travis concert. Sherry has MS and fibromialgia and does not get out often. She had a ball. Thanks for inviting me, Sherry.
Here he is folks, and yup we were indeedie sitting quite a way back, so I'm sorry that I was not able to get better pictures of him but you all know what he looks like and suffice it to say his voice was the same as it was more than 20 years ago. He performed over two hours and it was held at Summer Grove Baptist Church here in Shreveport which is huge so he gave his testamony during the middle of the concert and he is just a delight and a powerful witness. We heard much of his gospel recordings as well as all the songs which made him who he is.
I had a funny to share with you but think I will hone it down to a couple of paragraphs as I did after all just wake up! On the way out of the parking lot, someone in a van sideswiped me as they turned from the wrong lane. I sat on my horn following the van until it finally stopped and jumped out to find that it was an "old" woman. Smiling at me. She had not been aware she even hit me and my headlight intact and no huge dents, I decided to let it go as she was obviously in early stages of dementia because I'm talking to her about her just hitting my car and busy examining the car for damages and all she could say as she tried to pat my hand was how "blown away" she was at what a wonderful concert that had been and did I know that Randy Travis was such a strong Christian? You know girls, you just have to pick your battles don't you and I just told her to drive careful going home and I got in my car and left! as she smiled and waved saying in a loud voice "Bye-bye, I sure enjoyed that concert". Soooooooooooooo after getting back home and telling Punkin all those details he grabs his flashlight and we go out to further inspect the car and indeed all the paint is scraped from the left front and it looks like crap you know and he is repeating increduously "you didn't call the police"? How could I explain to him?

Randy Travis

And this is the first little rag doll I made last week from the little pattern of De over at Oh Sew Dollin. I ended up making 5 of them altogether and the last two were original patterns of mine and turned out so funny and cute. I had taken all of them up to Lori's for her to see and I ended up forgetting them. She is coming down here in two weeks and I'll then post all of them for you to see.

Bow hunting season opens up this Thursday, so my Punkin Darlin is chomping at the proverbial bit to get out there to the big deer woods. He saves up almost all his vacation time for this and he will work today and tomorrow and then it's "hi ho, hi ho it's to the woods he goes", so I get to go do a mammoth shopping spree today for all kinds of delicacies he loves to eat out there like Vienna Sausages, Sardines, Tuna, Spam and well you get the picture. We're were already looking last night to see how much room we can make in both freezers for venison. I'm so glad he is an optimistic sort of guy. He usually provides us with enough deer meat to last a whole year.
Well I want to wish all of you girls a wonderful, chippy happy and crafty week coming up.
Peace from my homefront, mollye


  1. Oh my goodness, that doll is adorable! I'm going to have to close this window before I start pulling out the sewing machine.

    Your daughter and son-in-law have a TV show? What is it?

    I'm so glad you liked the cuffs! It's really making me smile!!

  2. So glad you had a good time. When you posted your plans for the weekend, I was amazed at everything you had planned. And I was thinking I could never do it all, I wear out to darn quick! You got a lot more done than I could have. I have the fibromyalgia like your friend does and between that and my energy level I dont last long. Love your doll, cant wait to see the rest of them. Have a good week!! Hugs.

  3. I don't know what the Sam Hill happened to that epistle I just typed. I pressed a key and it vanished. Anyhow I was just saying that your posts always make me smile. You are so laid back. I had an accident on Friday and believe me I am not smiling about it. What TV show does your daughter and son-in-law have?
    I just posted about a swap on my blog. Please go over and read the details. I am hoping you will join me in this one but if not I would be perfectly happy just to swap with you if you prefer. Please let me know.

  4. BTW I love that doll. It is gorgeous.


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