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The Cinders Family

The REAL story of Cinderella
The Cinders Family, a well to do and well thought of family across the pond were much like your own next door neighbors. Mr. Cinders himself a pharmacist and his wife a stay at home mum busied themselves with social functions and the raising of four lively daughters.

Ella the baby, always quiet and an easy child seemingly went unnoticed by their parents

and the three oldest girls; Brittany, Crystal and Tiffany seen here and upon first glance appeared as little angels. The three were practically inseparable and a few years older than Ella were never encouraged to include the tot in their world.

Selfish girls as they never seemed to be full. Could never have enough and were most of the times completely unsatisfied with what they had and always begging for and expecting more

At Christmas and at other times of the year the girls demanded gifts and pretties and were used to being showered with toys

As they grew their attitudes grew with them as they never had been taught work ethics and had never been taught to share, so they became what they had been as children. Selfish, demanding and cold. Completely obsessed with what the world could do for them.

While Ella on the other hand who had not grown to expect such luxuries and frivolity was left to amuse and entertain herself. She from spending most of her time to herself and in nature came to think of the animals as more of friends and companions than her own sisters. The birds seemed to expect her company and found her gentle presence assuring.

Mrs. Cinders, a stubborn and stern woman was no nonsense when it came to Ella. She treated her more like the hired help than her own daughter. Ella was responsible for the cooking, cleaning, tending the garden, the family laundry and expected to do without complaining as her mum could be very unforgiving when chores were not completed to her satisfaction.
The sisters continued to whine and beg, and even manipulate their father into spoiling them with more treats, a little more money, some sweets, or another new gown. Oh they had a way with him. Mr. Cinders was weak to their charms.
While still a child Ella could be found most evening in the basement with the cats reading books that had been cast off by her sisters. Ella had no time for education. I doubt the school system even knew she existed.

As she grew and into quite a lovely young lady but still the loner could be seen dancing in the fields as she did when she was just a wee girl, a mysterious smile on her face as if she were remembering something magical.

Throughout her young life the times she had let gaity and pleasure enter her day she could count on being marched to the thistle bush with her mum for the longest, sharpest branch for a switching. Mrs. Cinders was relentless in the punishments handed out to poor Ella. She can be seen in this photograph begging her mum to give her one more chance.

She got through all those beatings by taking her little mind out of her body and remembering that Christmas of long long ago when as her sisters clammored downstairs to claim their booty under the tree and little Ella, who could barely stand to get out of bed from the huge, mean welts on her legs was visited by an elderly,kindly gentleman of the old world who gave her a secret doll and a secret she would remember all her life and tell no one. He told her he knew life was hard for her and that it surely must seem to her as if she were alone in the world with no one to love or protect her, but that Jesus was her best friend and he was always with her. He told her that her day would come when her beauty would shine and her goodness would bring her riches not found in boxes with bows. She kept the dolly hidden for many, many years and in the hard times she let her little mind go back to that reassuring place in time.

As she grew and matured she continued to watch those about her, to quietly go along with her work, complaining to no one and leaving nothing undone. Always striving to be the best she could be and do the best she could do at any chore regardless of the importance viewed by others.
She continued to be a friend of the animals. Both large and small she considered them all her friends and a gift from God.

At bedtime she would be so tired and weary she could barely lie her head down but she did so knowing she had done the best she could do for that day and that her day was not lived in vain. She would pray and she could rest with the secret that she had always believed in. Her secret of long ago.

Her beauty grew also and unlike the girls, she never knew the frivolity of cosmetics, beauty treatments, fancy dresses resplendant with ruffles and laces. She felt no need for photographs and calling attention to herself. Her beauty was deep, it was real and it came from within.

Tiffany and Brittany were forever smiling at a camera and causing quite a stir with their antics.

Crystal quite the pianist would play for hours as Tiffany would accompany her on the violin. Brittany would most often be up in her dressing room primping and pruning herself for another date who usually was to remain in the music room where he waited with flowers in hand while being entertained by the sisters.

Ella knew what they did. She knew what it took to make them happy. She pitied them. Her heart was not a heart to hate. To despise. For them she could be happy but she regretted the means they took to find their happiness as she was content in other ways and just found a peace they could not comprehend.

But years after the untimely death of Mr. and Mrs. Cinders all three of the oldest daughters found life at the old home place unexciting and boring. With no one left to cater to them and bring them gifts they all left home and made their place in the world of entertainment. Again they could receive the gratification they required. As during the days of their childhood they became caught up in the act of entertaining and calling attention to themselves. Life once again was good for them.

Crystal could do things with her hands. She wore wire hoops woven into her costume and could twirl them while keeping her head very still and the men were both enchanted and mesmerized.

Tiffany could do a remarkably nice soft shoe routine and was a charmer to the older crowd. She was the most demure of the three.

And Britt the raunchiest of the trio developed an act more risque and found her niche with a rogue type clientelle.

And Ella. Yes Ella. She always believed. She stayed behind of course, continuing to do the chores for herself and kept the place tidy and welcoming and as she had quietly educated herself many years before grew to be well read, interesting and kind. In addition to her inner strength and beauty she was content to wait for what had been promised so many years ago.
I leave you with a picture of Ella and her Prince, for as you see "Dreams and Wishes" really do come true for those who wait.

The End


  1. Ahhh, loved it! Sat here with large cup of tea, mesmorised by your storytelling! Have a wonderful weekend Mollye. suzie. xxx

  2. Wow, that Ella sure has a full head of hair!


  3. Wow what an amazing post, and what an amazing blog you have! Love, love, love your photos. So beautiful. Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Girl, you come up with the most awesome, amazing things! Not only do you have all these wonderful images (and where did they come from, I Need to know!) but then you make up fairy tales. Dang.

    Love it, love it, love it.

    PS Shiny blob: bit o' glass from a broken car window!


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