Thursday, October 8, 2009

In A Perfect World

Would it be like it was where people spoke to you and asked how you're doing and really meant it. When did it stop. Why are our streets not safe for kids to play in now. They used to be. We still care about our brother and sister. I know we do. The ones we have yet to meet. But we're afraid. Afraid of them and of losing the time we want to spend on other things. So we use our money instead. I'm one of them. Most of the time. So I know. It's easier to buy something for someone than to take a few minutes of my time in talking to them and listening to them. That causes me to feel shame.

And when I am shamed I do something silly like go overboard in the other direction. Easily talked into doing something I don't want to do or more of it. Manipulation. I'm an easy mark. Then I get angry with myself for letting myself be led. Our thinking has somehow gotten twisted. How did this happen.

Some smart alec way back when got the idea of showing the world how smart he was and he encouraged all of us to get smart too. When we did that along came all the wise inventions. The new tomorrow. Today came with electronics, higher education, the way of the future. And we bought into it. We got lazy and found easier ways to do things. To have more things. We became dissatisfied with what we had and what we thought we needed.
In the process we lost the nature of being concerned about others and acquired the nature of "self". I sure wish I hadn't been in such a big hurry to grow up. But you know what.............I think it is never too late to grown down.

I can take what I know and lose what I wish I didn't know. It's a mystery, the mind is. A trick we can play means that I can be as smart and savy as I know to be and I can also be as simple and carefree as I choose to be.
I can write stories and display pictures on the internet for the world to see and I can go into my kitchen and bake a cake for my neighbor instead of purchasing one online to be delivered by UPS. I can write a letter to my friend in California and use a pen and paper or I can type it and print it out or I can if feeling really lazy choose to send her an email. Actually I most of the time print it out to mail and say it's because writing makes my fingers hurt. You know arthritis and such. But it's not really that. I've grown accustomed to savy. It's all in the choosing. We pick and choose our way through life.
I think that for today I might make a better effort to pick and choose more wisely. My choices won't make it a perfect world, but they may make my teeny tiny corner a bit nicer.

And can I say and have you believe me that I truly hope your day is bright and happy and that you are able to make someone else happy today too!
Until later, mizmollye


  1. Mollye, I absolutely agree! My 14 year old is an old soul in a young body, always sending handwritten letters to friends far away who are more comfortable sending her text messages. I often think how grateful I am for some of what we have now but how I wish we could live a bit simpler and with more genuine thoughtfulness.

  2. Beautifully said. I have much to think about today. Love Lori

  3. Hi Miz Mollye,
    Thank you for reminding me that our purpose is not simply the acquisition of more things but to care about those around us. Thank you for your kind words about my soldered charms. you are right. It is a lot of fun. Did you decide to join that ornament swap I told you about? I never heard back from you about that.

  4. What a great post. This was a topic of conversation at our office this week. Sadly business etiquette has gone down the tubes too.

    Hope that you are feeling much better. Did they ever find out what your ailment was?

    Cheers my Friend!

  5. Lovely, and inspiring. Thank you!

    And I'm so glad you're better!

  6. Yet another wonderful thought provoking post. I think we are all a bit like that now Mollye, but you are big enough to admit it! Everything in our world has been made to save time and yet everyone feels more busy than ever! the world has become a strange place sometimes! suzie. xxx


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