Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewells and Other Woes

Buddy's cake for his Farewell Dinner Friday night.
And the dinner went well but as with most families across the world, you have expectations of how something is going to be and they sometimes do not live up to those expectations. But isn't the cake cute and boy oh boy was it good. And rich!!
This is my oldest son Lance who we have always referred to as Buddy. He got married the first of this year to Jessica, a beautiful and wonderful woman who lives in Mobile, AL. She is a nurse and she also skates in the Mobile Roller Derby and to top off those two time consuming things, she is the mother to three kids. So in view of all things considered it was agreed on early in the marriage that he would re-locate to Mobile and the time has come for him to go next week so we had a get together to send him off! The only of my children not able to be here was Lori who is my oldest child and is living in Arkansas and of course the house would be coming apart at the seams if all the grandchildren and their babies were here at the same time!

This is Jake my youngest child (my baby) and the evening got off to a somber beginning as we learned that Jake had received his pink slip that very day telling him his position with the city was being cut due to budget woes and that he would work only until the end of the year. He loves his job so much so of course we were all sad for him.

And this is my youngest daughter, Shari and her daughter Emily. And Shari who is also a registered nurse and works nights rarely is ever rested but was looking forward to this occasion to say goodbye to her brother and came down with an attack of something and we fear it is ulcers so she was feeling miserable and that had us worried and fretting, but Emily who is also a nursing student just moved back home with her mom and dad after experimenting the entire summer with apartment living on her own. And what good timing as Shari can surely use her help and they are just best little buddies anyway!

Here is Mizmollye with her big old boy

And here is Punkin Darlin in between both of these boys

This is Shari and Emily with Emily's boyfriend Henson whom we were meeting for the first time

And that concludes the little dinner party. It's been said you can feel as if you know someone by seeing their picture so I hope you know my family a little now and with all of us wish Buddy luck in this new phase of his life.
Happy Trails Cowboy!


  1. I sure wish I could have been there. No one could ever know what a strong and resilient group this is by a picture - but I sure do. No one could possibly know how tender a heart the giant in overalls has....... it took a little letter to remind me that THAT young man has a heart as large as his stature. So if I had to desribe all of my siblings in one word expression .... It would be: The descendents of Mollye had the strength of Goliath.
    Love Lori

  2. What a beautiful family! And that son is either very tall, or you are sitting down--my word!

    Yes, it feels like I know your family just a little from these pictures. Must say, watch the boyfriend--I see mischief! (Of a happy sort.)

    Sorry about the job loss. Hopefully, the economy will be back on its feet soon, and he'll get that job back.

  3. Oh Mollye, what a lovely family you have there! I feel like I know you, and I love having you in my life here on blogland. I feel that you are a very special person, warm, kind and very funny too. Glad I found you! I hope all of your family worries get sorted out sooon! Suzie. xxx

  4. You have a beautiful family molly, I know you will miss your son when he moves. But at least you know he will be happy with his new bride and family. Hope the job prospects work out for Jake. We are surely living in rough times right now, but keep faith with god to see us thru it. Take care,hugs to you and your family.


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