Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Waiting For The Pot To Brew

Girls I know you over there across the big pond wait for your little bags to steep and I too fancy a nice cuppa tea every once in awhile, but like fine wine and those who are in the know about their bubblies, to enjoy tea at it's finest you must know a little about the different flavors or varieties, right?

Well you see it is oh so different on this side of the globe as we just stumble into the kitchen and if we've not done so the night before must rinse out the dang pot, fill it with water and add a heaping cup of coffee and we're usually not too fussy about the blend. Anything with high octane will do just fine thank you and hit a button to get the mojo going and wait...and wait...and wait. And this is what I am doing right now and usually when we are doing that and if we even attempt to post on our blogs, we #1 say non-sensical stuff and #2 make many typos. So the spell key is always on.

OK all that is very nice but back to the morning drink of choice, a cup of tea is glorious but the coffee is what makes us come alive. Why.........actually it is what makes us "perk".

I was alone all yesterday and last night and will be alone again today (no boo hoos here though)as my Punkin Darlin has left me. Yep he had a date in the woods so off he went with guns and bows in hand in search of meat for our year to come. Simply called the southern man's favorite pasttime......Deer Hunting.

'tis fine though as I went to Mass and it was wonderful and then I ate stuff I really shouldn't ... like cake with heavy frosting (enough for 4 people) and leftover meatloaf (more than I needed) and you get the picture here! And I worked on my dolls, I crocheted some funky little scarfettes to wear around your neck. I am making those for my Etsy shop and will share with you when I get ready to do my little photo session!


I got a sweet Splash Award yesterday from Suzie, my charming little blogging buddy from across the waters and if you haven't met her, please visit her at Itch2Stitch. She most of the time only posts on Fridays but when she does she is worth waiting for as she has a natural talent of writing that will keep you spellbound and wanting to read more! Truly a kindred spirit is she.
Thanks, Suzie Darlin

The Splash Award is given to "Alluring...Amusing...Inspiring...Bewitching and Impressive" Blogs...

The only rules are 1. To choose nine blogs to forward the award to 2. Post the award and the links on your blog and 3. Link back to my blog. So although it is always hard to pick a few blogs from all the blogs I read, for today I pick these nine blogs to pass this award too:

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Please go by and visit them and 'yall have a wonderful Sunday afternoon and enjoy this crisp fall day! Until later, mizmollye


  1. I want to thankyou so much for my splash award. I will post it with pleasure treasure, thanks so much for thinking of me, Char

  2. thank you so much for the award! I will post it next time I have a post - your friend who posts only on Fridays may have a good idea there ;)

  3. I am really honoured that you have given me an award Miz Mollye but have to confess I don't know how to collect it! I will get my daughter to show me what to do when she visits next week. Thankyou so much.

  4. Hello My Friend!

    I hope that you are enjoying some alone time. My DH was archery hunting last week. No deer though, I told him that his dear was at home waiting:)

    You asked about the cone shape - cheat and use a paper hat as a template - works every time!

  5. miz molly
    I just noticed you signed up to follow my blog.

    Thank you.
    Hope you enjoy your visits.
    barbara jean

  6. Oh, Mollye you are so kind with your lovely words about me! Thank you!
    Being English, of course, I love my cups of tea. I make a china pot full (complete with tea cosy) and relish each sip! I rather like a spot of Earl grey! That cake sounded yummy! I loved the part about hunting for the years meat!!!!
    Suzie. xxx

  7. Thank you for the award Miz M. I appreciate your kindness. I just demolished three cupcakes after having informed my SO that I was buying them for "the kids" . Yeah right. That's how you feel sometimes. Besides I have been pretty good lately. I hope your hubby has a good time out hunting though I must confess I feel bad for the poor deer. Have a great Monday!

  8. How lovely of you to give me such a lovely award! I'm honored and smiling, and I can't wait to go read the other blogs you chose!

    Ahhhh....I am standing at the kitchen counter with my laptop open, sipping a reheated cup of yesterday's coffee, while the steam rises from the coffee pot. Finally! Fresh coffee! (But from freshly ground beans, and don't try to hex me with any of that nasty Columbian stuff, either, thankyouverymuch!)

  9. Thank you so much for the splash award molly. I'll try to get my things posted tomorrow, if I can get this dang internet to stay on long enough to. It seems my internet stays down more than up anymore (hmmm, that could be said about a lot of things in my life!! haha), but hopefully it will work some tomorrow. Thanks again molly, you are the best!!

  10. How terribly nice - thank you so much for the Splash award! Can't wait to read the other blogs & do a post about it.


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