Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Freebies For You!

Good Morning Girls
I think I was unusually hungry this morning when I woke up because I came out of the bedroom and Punkin had already left for work and I grabbed a cuppa coffee, headed for the pooter and automatically opened up my food files! And the first think I see is Sausage frying.
I know everyone loves free images to play with and please rest assured that all these came from my collection of which I have purchased over the years so they are safe for me to share and safe for you to do anything with them that you'd like. The only thing we're not permitted to do is to sell them. So I really hope you like looking at vintage images and can use some of them. There are so many easy peasy art projects you can do.
All I selected for you today are either vintage magazine food ads or vintage boxtop food art.
Bon Appetit'


  1. These are lovely Mollye! I really like these old ads! Thank you for sharing! Hope you are feeling better now! Suzie. x

  2. Wow!! Great images molly, thanks for sharing. Liked your story a couple of posts back too. And good luck on your etsy shop!! Hope you are feeling better.


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