Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Footprints Of A Fairy

Last year my oldest son Buddy gifted me with an enchanting series of the Fairyopolis books and I have never enjoyed anything more. Here is a little peak at two of them.
Each page you turn is more magical than the previous
This is actually Vol. 1 and is a journal with less pop than the others as it takes you through various ways one can find a fairy in their own backyard

I was amazed, enchanted and totally mesmerized to intently examine each branch and leaf to see if one of the little wonders was hiding

It immediately took me into my own yard to have a look. Could one perhaps be somewhere amongst the Amaryllis. I caught my breath as I ever so quietly searched for tiny impressions of minute footprints in and around the beautiful and bountiful red blooms, but the bark was so large and dense that it was impossible to discern. Afraid to turn over the large chunks for fear of crushing a fragile wing I left the bed undisturbed and moved on

to a big post of Impatiens. Now this is more like it. As I put my finger inside the mass of blooms to separate them I drew back abruptly as I heard the tinkling of tiny magical bells. The sound was entrancing and appeared to be coming from the center of the pot. I wanted to record the amazing sounds so ran back inside to get the tape recorder and came back on tiptoes sitting down so carefully but the tinkling had stopped. Had they seen me?

After waiting for oh so long and no more activity coming from the pot I decided to take my search to the nearby newly planted Geraniums. As luck would have it I immediately heard a teeny tiny giggle and felt the slightest rush of wind causing me to turn and not seeing anything but upon turning my eyes back upon the Geraniums found the leaves moving ever so slightly realized the little imps had indeed seen me and left for another hiding place right before my very eyes

The only place left in the yard to look was in the huge prickling and gaping Yuccas and I could not help but burst out laughing as they knew I could not go in search of them there.

At this I realized my overwhelming desire to visit the fairies would indeed continue but that I would leave the ones who live here undisturbed and take my quest elsewhere

I will leave you with a little tale taken from this magnificent book called
"The Fairy Baby"
A poor man was driving his only sheep to market. He was passing through a desolate spot when suddenly a great clamour arose. He could not see anything but could hear something being shouted above the uproar. 'O there's a bairn born but there's naething to pit on't!'
The man realised it was the fairies celebrating the birth of a fairy baby but also bemoaning the fact that they had no clothes for it. The kindhearted fellow took off his cloak and threw it down on the ground. It was snatched away and the sounds of rejoicing could be heard. He went on his way to market. Once there, he sold his sheep for an unusually high price. Good luck was bestowed upon him for the rest of his life and he became a wealthy man.
So Sisters in Blogland, please be very careful where you place your steps and in cleaning out those beds for fall planting do so with utmost care and gentleness as you never know what or who you will find residing in your own backyard.
Have a magical day, mizmollye


  1. Great blog, mom! I'm glad I was able to give you something that brings you so much joy! I love you,

  2. I love fairies but I have never seen these books before, now I have to go looking :) This is a beautiful post, and am sorry you didn't get to find the fairies in your garden, maybe another day.

  3. Oh Mollye what a lovely Post this is. I 'listened' rather than read, with the anticipation of a child! Lovely! Suzie. xxx

  4. Lovely, and as Lynn said, maybe another day you will see them. Because....please don't think I'm crazy, or pulling your leg...

    I have now got four friends who all say they Have seen fairies. One of them was with his wife and a friend one day, out in the woods. All three of them saw a tiny winged figure in a white gown as it flew around them. I could tell you other stories, but will just say, "Believe. The fairies are really there!"


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