Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Only For Ducks and Fishes

Mustang Shari, Girl you better slow that mustang down

I checked to see if my feet had grown webs since we've had nothing but Rain for days upon days. But we have a saying here in Louisiana that if you don't like the weather to stick around awhile because it will surely change, and what's the use in complaining as we actually do need the rain. So..................................... Rain it is.

Yesterday was a shout it from the roof Glory to God day as my youngest daughter Shari had recently rededicated her life to Christ and at her church they had a "family baptism" and most of our family was there to witness her baptism and it was beautiful.

And since I just got out of bed to do this and once again put my cart before my horse, I wanted to have the picture showing Shari with her brand new mustang down here but as you know it cannot happen that way now.

I have also selected bunches of adorable little images of children with animals and will post them for you to use in your art work tomorrow so until then, 'yall have yourselves a glorious and safe day and a happy week ahead.

Happy Trails Cowgirls, Mizmollye


  1. I love red cars! Can't wait to see those pics! Suzie. xxx

  2. Girl, that is shouting good news! I'm singing with you in the Amen choir! :-)

    Love the red mustang...


    Sheila :-)

  3. I have family in Louisiana! Where are you?


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