Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is There Anything Sweeter

Ya know it is just in my very nature to post images and immediately think of cute, funny or completely insane and quirky captions but after looking at these images of children from long ago with their little pets and the Oh so adorable clothing and just the sweet little expressions on their precious faces, I decided to let the photos speak for themselves.

You are Welcome to cut and paste any you want as they have all been purchased for us to use in our artistic endeavors.

Now sit back and realize when you view these images as I did that these children were someone's little darlings and think of just how many years they have been gone. For some reason it makes me a little sad and I even begin to wonder how they each fared in their lives and what they grew up to be and were really like as people. I love to think they're all now in Heaven and that we might meet them someday and say
"I've see your picture somewhere".

I know..............I'm completely out of my mind!

Now you grab as many of these as you want and go make some art cards or something special and I betcha you come up with some really groovy captions. If you use them please let me know so I can see what you've done. I think it is so amazing that we can all see the same photograph and use it in so many different ways. Isn't diversity wonderful?
Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday and that you'll come back tomorrow for a visit and meet the Gnomes!
Happy Trails, Mizmollye


  1. think like I do about old photos. When I realize that the darling children I am looking at grew up, had a life and are now deceased (probably) I get a little sad and at the same time, come to grips with my own mortality. I understand exactly what you are talking about...

  2. Wow Mollye! Your blog is lots of fun!


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