Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Week Monday

"Laissez les bon temps rouller" (let the good times roll)

Halloween Week Is Here

and what better way to kick it off than a trip to the fair! Yeppers the Louisiana State Fair is in town and I went for round #1 Friday night with my two boys and my sweet Alabama DIL Jessica. My daughters and I will do it again this weekend. We ate our way through the midway first and then waddled on into the arena for a slam dunkin, root tootin, get down, get back boot scootin Rodeo! After whoopin and hollerin with all the Cowboys and Cowgirls we wandered back onto the midway for a few sweets and made our way into the throngs of people 2-stepping the Louisiana way to the rockin sounds of Wayne Toups and his Zydecajun Band then we watched all the macho monster boyfriends spending Friday's paychecks (hoping to win a favor or two themselves later in the evening) to cap a bottle, make a hoop or shoot water into a tiny target to win their sweeties huge hairy dogs and pigs in pink (that will be later sent to the Goodwill with excuses like "I can't stand to look at that crap anymore cause it reminds me of that jerk, so 'n so ") which they carry around on their shoulders to show all the other guys that THEY have it going on.
Then what's a good fair without a Freak Show. Yep I'll give you a look at the freak displays tomorrow. Then last but not least it was time for things that go round and round, up and down, over and over and You guessed it........Ferris Wheels and other shiny, blinking, loud, huge steel toys for us big people guaranteed to make you laugh, squeel, faint, spend your money,lose your dentures, scream in delight, puke and wet your pants all in one 3 minute span! I tell you folks there just ain't nothin quite like a good old trip to the Fair.
For today though I chose the best part of the night.................FOOD. Greasy (burp, belch uh.....excuse me please),Spicy, Sweet, Unhealthy, Expensive and the best smelling, best dang tastin junk that no one can resist! Gotta love it. I had a Yeero! Nothing quite like feeling you're in Greece on a humid, fun-filled Louisiana night in October!

Buddy and Jess just simply lookin all adorable and cute as uhhhhhhhhh Mr. and Mrs. Lumberjack?

And heres the Baby of the Family, Jake ( we all like to call him Jakey Boy) all decked out in his New Orleans Saints gear... Go Saints!, savoring a Cheesecake Delight on a Stick dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles! Whoo hoo that's livin, ya hear.

And Now For Some True Culinary Delights!

The All American Favorite...yes?

How 'bout a little Poke Salad Annie, Gator Gotcha Granny. Uhm......mmm good!

I Got Lost in the '50's

Poor birds! Guess the rest of them is somewhere in a freezer waiting to go on our tables next month.

Hansel & Gretel here I come. Now this is MY kinda food!

Yummy Good East Coast Philly stuff made it's way to the Bayou State

And to top it off... A little South of The Border. Ole'

Now if this won't make you smack your lips I don't know what will!

So come on back and tag along with me to the Louisiana State Fair where you'll see what True Freaks of Nature look like, a Rodeo, Games of Skill (uh yeah right), Rides to Thrill and other curiosities found in the Exhibit Building celebrating the Unique Louisiana Cajun Way!

aaa-eeee and aaaa-ha(which in coon-ass cajun lingo means "boys we passed a good time yeah, doncha know)............Mizmollye


  1. Hi Momma
    I really enjoyed your pics and writing about the fair. The pictures of the boys and DIL are just precious !
    Love Lori

  2. Mollye... loved seeing this! I always love a good state fair, and I love that they have Alligator Boudin! Oh, that makes me smile!

    Eat some mudbugs for me if they have a mudbug tent!


    Sheila :-)


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