Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Week Tuesday

Happy Halloweenie Week This Fine and Rainy Tuesday

We're back for another adventure at the Louisiana State Fair with Bud and Jess standing here just waiting for the good times to roll. You can just see the anticipation in their eyes as the excitement begins to build

It's OKay Jakey you can go in. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks a little spookey to me. "Whaaaaaaaaat? You say I'm too tall". hmmp!

Oh yeah baby, Now this is where it's happenin. The one and only Mister Wayne Toups and his Zydecajun Band and boys let me tell you he can do it. He plays the squeeze box and he has the rub board he also plays and it is a kickin, get down time with sounds like you'll hear no where else.

Must see Attractions galore beginning here with the Gators and Crocs. Well they didn't have to go far to find those gators because people in Louisiana sometimes find 'em in their backyards.

And if I was working here I'd have to tell them to "take this job and shove it, I ain't workin here no more" cause the thought of seeing slivery, slimey reptiles absolutely makes my skin crawl. Yikes I'm shivering now just writing about the demonic looking things.

OKay boys and Girls, step right up and see the Freaks of Nature. Things you'll never see again. Authentic, Real and Curiosities Not To Be Believed. Well he was right about one thing uh the not to be believed part. Think I'll pass and save my cash for one of those big bags of cotton candy.

But in the meantime I'll snap a few amazing photos for you like the baby his own mommy won't claim. Awwwww, and a real 2-headed snake. Again, let's just move on shall we

Oh lookey here it's Laverne and her little 5 legged lamb baaaaaaaaaaa

And Daisy Mae with 2 noses hmmmmmmm guess she could use that double whammy to sniff out a scam here

Almost had me on this one as who in their right mind would not want to see a Band of Celebrity Frogs. The only frog Celebrity I have ever heard of is of course Kermit and I just have a feelin that if he were here in Louisiana we would have heard about it on the news so nope another gotcha on this one.

This could be interesting to see the world's smallest horse along side a real live Mermaid

And topping off the list of Wonders of the World is the freaky delightful 2-headed reptiles again.

Now that was fun, and I am thinking of how we can possible take some of the little colorful freaky images and use them in artwork. Somewhere, someone will do it. I guarantee.

At this point the Freak Show Announcer was getting ready to make a grab for me to add to his show as he had never seen anyone stand in the same place for so long taking pictures. Probably thought I was from one of the tabloids.

"Yall be sure to come on back tomorrow for some more Louisiana State Fair adventures where we'll visit things to ride on and how to lose the most money all in the name of fun at the games of skill. Whoopee!


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  1. Mollye, I would have loved to see the celebrity frogs. My guess is they taxidermied some frogs to look like Cher, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Princess Di, and Oprah. ;-)

    Love to you...


    Sheila :-)


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