Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

Hi all you Pink Chicks and maybe a few Pink Guys too!

Welcome to mizmollye's version of Pink Saturday. Hope you find something here that tickles you or makes you swoon.

Oh this Pink Collage was kinda fun to make. Nothing to it in Picasso. Just click to select and push the Hold button then when you have all the images you want, click on Collage and it does all the work for you. Easy peasy.

What a delicious read. It just has to be a good little book to read with a beauty of a house on the cover and what could be nicer in this life than to live in a charming pink house. Gotta grab this book!

My hubby who 'yall know as Punkin Darlin is ALWAYS wanting to buy me a mean ole weapon. He just loves them ya know. And I'm always saying "nah, I don't think so", but last night when he was reading the sale papers, he came across this little beauty. A PINK RIFLE. Now how sweet is this? When he showed it to me, I jumped and smiled and said "Well alrighty, I'll have one of those", upon which he cut his eyes and glanced at me with you know the LOOK, and said, "Molleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that is for a 5 year old child". Well I KNEW that of course! Poo.... I didn't want a dang rifle anyway.

I know I would be so much happier for him to buy me a pair of these. Aren't they just cute, funky and a little naughty looking?

And the last morsel on my plate for you is something I actually posted about Thursday but you may not have seen. I've been in the Party Hat creation mood, so here is the little Princess Pink Party Hat.

That concludes my Parade of Pinks and I hope you found something here to enjoy but please remember to jump around to as many blogs as you can for the most delightful display of pinks to be found.

One of the blogs I visited last week which was new for me is Kandy over at Pink Sugar Castle. She has a beautiful blog and is just magical. Go visit her!

Thank you to Beverly our loverly hostess over at How Sweet The Sound.

Have a Wonderful Week, mizmollye


  1. Oh Miz Mollye:
    Happy Pink Saturday sweetie...
    I love this post. I love the mosiac, there is something there for everybody darlin, but I love that rifle most of all.

    I am like you, Hunny Bunny is always wanting to buy me a gun, I could go for a toy one, but I am just not ready for the real thing.

    Your hat and gloves I love the best. Those gloves won't keep a girls hands warm, but we can sure look good trying.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. Please pop over and let me share my pink post with you.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  2. HAPPY PINK SATURDAY...What a fun post! I enjoyed it and love the pink rifle..BB gun? Too cute and of course your gloves and the rest so pretty!

  3. Hello! Love the picasso collage and the pink gloves too! Thanks for joining in the fun at my giveaway! Happy pink saturday too! suzie xxx

  4. Happy Pink Saturday! Those Pink gloves are something else. Too cute.
    Joyce M

  5. The mosaic is so cool! Thanks for sharing how to do it with Picaso. I think the little pink rifle is perfect too!! Happy pink week!

  6. Oh, your post today is a delight. I know what you mean about the hubbies, but they too have their collecting needs just like us. I have never seen a pink rifle tho, kind of like it, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  7. Mollye, I bet you can find yourself a pink gun. Surely the gun shops are on top of this pink trend for tools and things of that nature. You'd think. And women need protection!

    Thanks for the heads up on that Picasa photo thingy. I want to try that.

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  8. The collage is so charming and pretty! Pink Blessings!

  9. Beautiful party hat! It's funny about the pink rifle, but why oh what are they making these for children?! I love Picasa too, I don't know if you've tried it but Photoscape is also a terrific photo editing program you can download for free and it gives you most of the same options and more, no collage making capabilities though, I still use Picasa for that. Happy Pink Saturday Mollye and I do hope you rolls turn out!

  10. What a cute post. I love the pinks you found to share with us today. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  11. What a sweet,fun post. I kinda like the pink rifle
    also. Have a fun and happy Pink weekend..

  12. Happy Pink Saturday to you too! I like your Pink gloves and hat you shared with us today.
    Thanks for the warm welcome message and for stopping by my pinks.

  13. Hi Mollye, Ooo, that gun scares me--no matter the color. I hope you have a great week.

    Come play Blue Monday with me! If you're interested, just click on the bluebird in my sidebar for all the information.

  14. I'm with you on the gloves; I actually have them in white...I checked out your party hats and they are just the cutest ever...I'm off to check in with Beverly and start making the rounds. thanks for the visit today.

  15. I love your Picasa creation, I'll have to try that! And I agree, do danged pink rifle! Happy PS! Suzie

  16. my hubby to is a hunter and always tried to get me interested but no luck, I do like to target shoot though.
    have a great week,

  17. Love the pretty mosiac!
    Hope your PS has been a great one!

  18. Hello , Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your pink post this week.
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  19. Happy Pink Saturday! I am so glad you liked my Hilda! Give her blonde hair and she is ME!!! hehehe! Love your post. I don't like guns either, but a pink rifle...maybe! hehehe!

  20. I keep hearing about Picassa. I need to go try it out. It certainly sounds easier than Photoshop. I can imagine you getting all dressed up in your party hat and those gloves and wielding your pink rifle. What a cool picture you would make and what a lot of fun you would have.
    Wonder what that book is about? Have a great Pink Saturday.

  21. Thanks Mollye! I live in Cajun country, about 40 minutes from New Orleans heading toward Grand Isle.

  22. Happy PINK Saturday
    Lovely PINK is just the sweetest colour. I haven't read that book I'll have to look out for it. The pink gloves they do look naughty.
    It was nice having you come by and visit..hope you will be back again.
    have a lovely day

  23. What wonderful pinks!!!! Thank you so much for visiting me.....Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. Miz Mollye, I am having soooo much fun reading your blog. Wish I had more time today to sit and read, but we are off to church in a few minutes, so I'll have to wait till tonight to read more. Your post is so cute for Pink Sat. My dd uses Picaso and I think I need to buy the full version - seems like a real easy way to edit photos. I think your collage is grand - I'm guessing those are all works of yours. I got quite a chuckle out of your "pink rifle" story. Today is the first day of rifle season here in MI. I was working on my first try at ATCs this past week. Haven't finished them yet. Well, I better get going. Have a wonderful day today and enjoy making art.


  25. Happy Belated Pink Saturday. Thank you for that Picaso tip. I use irfanview but may just download Picaso and give it a try. :) Lynn

  26. Lovin' your beautiful pink collage :)

  27. Thanks for the mention in your post...I love your blog...the background is so different...Have a blessed week...God Bless

  28. Hi again Mollye! I just wanted to remind you that my Name Party is this Thursday the 19th if you would care to attend. if not, no worries, I've still got your name in for the giveaway! Have a great week.


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