Thursday, November 12, 2009

Party Hats

Well I've had fun making these little party hats, but I feel there is more. More to be explored for mizmollye in the party hat creations. I can feel a fantabulous quirky over the top one coming soon. I'm thinking about the head of a little doll on top or maybe even the torso part of a Barbie and the entire hat consisting of eyelet ruffles one on top of another. Maybe some glitter and jewels with a lacy tie. Whatcha think? And I have another burning question I need help with and since I've already put my pictures here I don't know how to upload another one without it coming out at the top so I will wait until next Tuesday and try try try to remember what the heck I said but it involves you taking a look at some fabric I have and helping me find something to do with it! Whoa nellie that was a long and boring question huh? Anywhoo here's the little hats I've been playing with all week. Yep I know some people have waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands.

Well I know even a child could do this! Of course I do. But I did have fun and especially fun was the photo shoot! Shoot.........what cha talkin bout.

Happy trails, mizmollye


  1. These are terrific! I just LOVE them!

    PS I thought of you while I was making the recipe tins. You were my inspiration, a kind of "These won't be as good as what MizMollye would do, but I think she'll like them" thread running through my thoughts. So glad you did!

  2. MizMollye, i love these hats and I think the whole eyelets is a great idea!
    Once you load your pics you can grab them with your cursor, left click and hold while dragging cursor towards bottom of screen. The photo will move to the spot where you let go. Took me a while, I spent time stretching my photos until my 14 year old told me how. I crawled under the rug.

  3. I love them Mollye! They are bright and cheerful and fun! I am having a giveaway, my first one. oooh! suzie. xxx

  4. Cute, Mollye! Those look like lots of fun... to make AND wear!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Great idea Mollye, I have never seen this done before, you have done some beautiful work :) So whimsical and fun :)


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