Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help...I'm Having a Meltdown

I can't help myself I have changed my entire background, header, colors etc etc yada yada at least a gazillion times today. What is wrong with me today? I did wake up feeling a little dizzy. Oh lordy what will I do. It's like I went color blind in the night and can't get them to go together. And why in the heck did I change it in the first place. I still don't even like this one a teeny tiney bit! I'm just gonna keep on until I get it right.


  1. Well Mollye I guess the docs are right about not running machinery when dizzy!! Just go eat chocolate you will feel much better! Warm hugs, Esther

  2. Ha ha! Yada yada! Do you remember that Dory Previn song? Suzie. xxx

  3. glad to know I am NOT the only one who does this. I like the eating chocolate or something sweet solution! It may just help!



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