Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Name Game Party

Hey Everyone ... The Partay Is On! Hosted by the very "loveleigh" SARES over at Loveleigh Treasures. Today is the day she will reveal to all how she got her unusual name and she playfully invited her readers to play along today by talking about their names. You know, like how we got ours or anything funny, interesting or unusual about our name or our family name.

Well after much head scratching, I could not come up with a funny reason or anything terribly exciting or unusual about my name at all, but to play along, I'll just begin by telling you how I got to be mizmollye.

This is a little picture of my brother Freddie and I and I believe I was four or five here. My name at birth was Meredith ( which was the maiden name of my maternal grandmother) Anne (named after my grandpappy's sister) Gregory (my father's family name, naturally who all hailed from upstate New York). And as a youngster I was called either Meredith, Meredith Anne, or simply M. Anne.

Meredith Anne from the early days

This picture was made when I graduated from high school. Circa 1961...Oh lordy bee what a huge pile of teased hair on top! I was known simply as Meredith. The name was fairly unusual then (in fact there was not another Meredith in my school) and I of course did not like my name, because I wanted to be called something more common like Patricia, Beverly, Linda or Carolyn. You know those days when you did not want to be singled out as different in any way.

Meredith from the teen going into adult days

This was a polaroid snapshot taken in 1982 when I was 38 and working the arts and crafts shows selling my handmade dolls. For some reason I adopted the name Mollys Dollys and had my business cards, and all signs printed with that name and the name Molly just "stuck". Ten years or so ago, I decided to become a little more "trendy" ha-ha, and added an "e" on my name which still made me a molly but with a twist. Mollye. Imagine that!

Meredith from the days of Molly's Dolly's

And when I seriously began getting back to my love of art, crafts, mixed media and most specifically blogging, my daughter, Lori said I needed a name for my website. And the name Shezadoozey was born and seemed only natural since most people who knew me always added after saying something about me, such as "That woman, she's a doozey"!and I started thinking about how they name racehorses, 'ya know with lots of names all run together such as theladysagem etc. so I thought of Shezadoozey for my then website and a few more years went by and I needed to name this new blog and it became an extension of myself..........."mizmollye (for the more matronly version of mollye) and ...shezadoozey". And this would be me in recent times. Ok so it is almost two years ago and I have packed on a few more pounds......................That is what retirement does to a gal.

Meredith as Mizmollye........Shezadoozey

And gee I wish it could be a little more tintilating for 'yall, but it is what it is. (What could be a little more interesting about me would be all the LAST names I've had.........ha ha). Now let's run on over to see what Sares has to say about her name! And I'll bet she may have a list of other links who are participating in this game. The name game. What's YOUR story or as they say..........whose yo daddy!


  1. Well Mollye you look just picture perfect from a tiny child til now! What lovely photos, I really loved seeing them! Meredith is still quite an unusual name, but I rather like it. When you are younger though you don't want to be picked out as different. I had no chance! In England I was considered Canadian and in Canada I was English! When I was about 12 and back in England again, I was considered Canadian, skinny, weedy, flat chested,Dark ringed eyes, shy,strangely dressed (no good shops where we had lived) with a Canadian accent,and I constantly tryed not to let people know that I was artistic too, as they viewed me as some type of strange specimen!!! But the blasted art teacher kept putting my drawings on the wall and raving about them, so I felt even stranger! Thank goodness my name was just plain Susan Jayne! Lovely post Mollye, very thought provoking! suzie. xxx

  2. Hi ya Miz Mollye! Fabulous post! The names you chose tell me you are fun, creative, have a wonderful sense of humor and they make me smile!

    I got a laugh out of your glasses back in the 80s, I had a pair like that, they were HUGE, LOL

    Have a great day Miz Mollye!


  3. Love it and the photo montage is great too. I love the "through the years" type thing.

    Love you too my sweet friend!

  4. I love this story! What a interesting path you took to Mizmollye! I love all your photos - thank you so much for sharing. My sister's name is Meredith and therefore, I am quite partial to it!


  5. OH Mollye....thank you sooooooo much for visiting. I loved reading all about your beautiful name (I love it!). I love Meredith and I also love Mollye, too. Since I couldn't have anymore children I decided I would give my pets names I'd loved but never used....Gretchen (for my Silky in 1982), Haleigh (our Sheltie is 199) and now our Mollie (our 4lb HM - High Maintenance- YORKIE)we gave a home to in 2002.

    I never liked my name either. Went by Becky my entire childhood and in 1992 decided to go by Rebecca. I love it now. LOVE IT!

    I must follow bloggie is wonderful. Glad to have you on board.

    xoRebecca PS: You are gorgeous!

  6. Hello, Mizmollye,
    I love your name and the history behind it! I also loved seeing your pictures of the past and present. Thanks for sharing everything with us! Have a blessed and beautiful week! Vicki

  7. Oh, what a wonderful post! I loved going through the years with you . . . how fun! It's so interesting to see how one transitions and remakes themselves over the years and you've come through with flying colors!

    Thanks so much for sharing today!


  8. What a story! It was fun to hear how you came to chose your names, especially your blog name. I always wondered about the Shezadoozey, you must really be a special lady if people always have to add this to your name! Thank you for sharing your pictures, which are beautiful by the way, and for sharing your story. I appreciate you you attending the party very much Miz Mollye Shezadoozey!

  9. I love the name of your blog...Shezadoozey...what a hoot! Thanks for taking us all on your journey...I certainly enjoyed...but I have to say,...your comment on my post was so beautiful you made me cry. Thank you for such kind words of encouragement!

  10. I love your big hair picture. Bigger is better. ha! I too had an uncommon name growing up , there were no other girls in my classes with the name Gwendolyn and I felt odd and different because of it. now I appreciate my name for it's beauty. yup!
    Blessings to you , you are a doozey! :)

  11. I loved your post! Great pictures and what a knock out -- at all phases. ;)

  12. When I saw your name in my comments section on my blog, I thought "What a sweet name!" I think that Charity's and Molly's should hang out together! hehehehe!

    So much history here! My goodness! heheehhe!

    Thanks for sharing, Miz Mollye! :)

    p.s. I think it's perfect that you make dolls, because I think that Molly actually sounds like a doll's name! :)

  13. Good Golly MizMollye! Welcome Neighbor!!! :)
    I'm a little late for the party or shall I say I'm still blog party hoppin' and I had to stay here for a while and catch up with you. I loved reading your story of how MizMollye evolved. Putting photos to help us see the real you was awesome. By the way, you have a funny accent...haha. Don't you just cringe when people tell you that? ;) I love meeting fellow Louisiana bloggers...we have a style all of our own. I'm glad Sares' party brought us together, please do keep in touch. Now I'm going to scroll down, be nosey and read some more of MizMollye, hope you don't mind me snooping a bit!!!
    everything vintage

  14. Hi Mollye, I'm so glad to meet you! I just loved hearing about your name journey! The name Meredith is just so classy and beautiful. But I love Mollye, it suits you and reminds me of the personality of "the unsinkable Molly Brown"!

  15. You are so beautiful and I love this story of how you became Mollye Shezadoozey!
    I have a story too of how I became pchickki.
    Guess I will go play the game.
    You are so fun Mollye


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