Thursday, December 10, 2009

All Dressed Up

Some of my sweetest and prettiest dolls all dressed and waiting for Santa!

But the sweetest are these...................... three of our Great-Grandchildren! just happy to be getting all of Granpa's attention.
This is Luke, our youngest and his big half-sister Leah who can charm your socks off with Punkin Mike waiting for Santa's big appearance where we had taken them for our church Christmas Party and Dinner.

And this big boy is Luke's big brother Kane, who is 8 years old and seen here giving Granpa one of the Gingerbread Boys he and his grandmother who he calls "Grandlady" had made.(these boys are the Grandchildren of our daughter Shari)

When I was young my Children were everything to me and made my existence seem complete. They really grew up with me as my first daughter was born when I was barely 18! and my fourth child came when I was 26 by just days. So 4 children.....

Then along come the Grandchildren and in my case the first one Andy arrived right before I turned 35 and had just gone back to college, had teens at home, in a difficult marriage and was sooooooooo young myself. Shortly along came more and more until there were five of them. They were all a delight, and some I was closer to due to different circumstances but I was still young, dumb and learning how to grow up myself. Now my oldest son married a beautiful and charming lady with three children so our Grandchildren pool has increased again. And they are a delight! And now there are 8 grandchildren......

But alas! before you least expect it and at only the age of 56 here comes more little ones known as Great Grandchildren and I still don't feel ancient but Wowza Whoo have I slowed down. I am now retired and in my Golden Years and coming up at the latter end of my 60's and it is truly different now because nothing is expected of you. All you have to do is laugh at them, rock them, play with them, let them eat what they want, make as much a mess as they want and just have fun with them. You can even say you don't feel like having them over! The parents and the grandparents are the ones who have to do all the teaching and the correcting and the work for goodness sakes. And that makes 5 Great Grandchildren! Not bad for a 65 year old gal huh! And poor ole Punkin Darlin...........he's a mere babe of 55! who hoo mizmollye........

I am so thankful I lived to see my Great Grandchildren, because I can tell you Sister Girls, there is nothing any Greater!

'yall enjoy the rest of your week and be sure to c'mon back Saturday for the Pink Saturday Favorite Decoration Theme!

Peace, mizmollye


  1. They are beautiful great grands, Mollye. You truly are blessed. Loved seeing their pics.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Good Morning Sweet Mollye...
    I have been praying this morning for Andy. I forgot to ask what time the surgery was? Can you tell me? I want to make sure we have the time covered.

    I love the pics your shared of the grandchildren. So absolutely sweet. I just love them. We have 7 and another one due in June. I can hardly wait. We get to spoil them and then send them home. I love it.

    Please stop by and let me know about Andy.
    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. Such sweet faces!! All of them - even the one with the whiskers!! :)

    I can't imagine great-grandchildren being better than grand-children, cause I could just squeeze the dickens out of my sweet grandchild!!! Wow, great-grandchildren, how wonderful Mollye!!

  4. What a treasure you have there...I think you are the youngest grandma I've known! All the more time to enjoy and treasure them.

    God bless!

  5. Darling dolls, the real ones and the real ones! :) Is that Santa I see in that picture? Quite a resemblence.

  6. Lovely family Mollye! It is wonderful that you are all so close, that is priceless! suzie. xxx

  7. Oh did I enjoy seeing your family..and a ggmother at 56 wow that's amazing!!! I have 14 gc but at 66 don't have any ggc in the near future!!! I wanted to thank you for the lovely comment on my blog...I adore my baby sister too!! Her spirit shines for all to see!!! (((Hugs))) my friend!!!


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