Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There's just nothing quite like having friends. Those we know right here at home and those we meet in cyber land each day and forge a friendship with. It's a dynamic gift.

Someone to pray for when they have needs that seem to big to keep in one place and someone you feel is praying for you.

I have a need like that in my family now. His name is Andy and he is my oldest grandchild. He is a handsome young man but he is not handsome here.
He will be 30 years old this coming Sunday the 13th.
He will be having facial surgery in the morning to correct some broken bones in his jaw, and nose. He was beaten up by five men who were in his apartment complex trying to sell drugs. Andy told them to leave instead of going in to call the police.
They left, but first they left him like this.

The story of Andy is complicated. He spent over four years in the Oklahoma prison system for taking his sister's car without permission and life was hard for him behind bars and as a result his time went on longer than it should have..........

He has been out now for only 9 months and has not adjusted well to society. He has many physical and mental problems and is an insulin dependant diabetic, he has Hepatitis C and has been diagnosed with Paranoid Schitzophrenia.

His mother, my oldest daughter Lori has prayed for God to help him with his needs and to give her some peace and wisdon in this matter. We his extended family pray also.
Prayers have been answered and he now has someone in his life he can help and who helps see after him. This is a man in his 60's who is a Viet Nam Vet, missing one arm and one leg. They now share an apartment and Andy helps him with his daily needs and this man whom he calls "Pop" helps Andy by being company to him and reminding him to eat right and check his blood levels, etc. so it is a good fit and we feel grateful.

If you have a minute during this season please remember those who wander but are not lost.
Those who just need to not be forgotten.
Those who are so easy to turn away from because we are afraid of them or have pre-judged them.

We can help in a big way by just saying a quick little prayer for them. Many of them have families who love them but can do little more than that too.
Many have no families at all.

Prayer is a mighty warrior.

I thank you my friends for reading and I Thank You for each one of you who take the time to lift my grandson and his needs up to our Lord during the Holiday Season.

Your friend, Mizmollye


  1. We experienced the same thing last april with our 46 year old son, sweetpea, and it was devastating. Go to April 10th post and read about it. Life does get better. Son is so much better now, but it's been a tough recovery for him. My sympathies and prayers are with your grandson.

  2. Oh Mollye...
    Sweetie thank you so much for sharing this sweet story of Andy. I will be praying for him for his surgery tomorrow. God will watch over him.

    You know sometimes it is odd what we have to go to, and what we have to go through to find our way in this world. God has truly blessed him with a wonderful friend, and this wonderful friend needs Andy too. How wonderful is that. They have both had troubles and have a disability of some sorts, so they are able to accept each other just as they are. Not needing them to change. Andy needed this in his life. God has provided.

    I will be praying for him tomorrow. Please remember to post or pop over and let me know how everything goes for him. What a beautiful heartwarming story Mollye. I just love it.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  3. Mollye, my heart goes out to you and your sweet grandson. How wonderful that he has someone for whom to care. One of my best friend's sons is in this same situation in terms of the schizophrenia, and as long as he takes his meds he's okay. I have him come help me because he likes and trusts me. I love him. He is a precious boy. And I'm sure Andy is, too. I just prayed for your dear one to be protected, surrounded by angels, and comforted and accompanied by the Holy Spirit.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Oh my dear. I am almost in tears reading this. I will definately be praying for Andy. and all of you. I can imagine how his mother feels. I bet her heart aches for him. I am going to add him to my prayer list. May the good Lord look over you all with love and blessings.

  5. Oh Mollye, I can empathise with you completely, having dealt with all types of problems and mental health issies with our children who all came fro troubled backgrounds. People are sometimes quick to judge when compassion and understanding would be a better and much needed option. You and your family are in my thoughts. A lovely, gentle and kind soul you are Mollye. Suzie. xxx

  6. Mollye, My prayers go out for you, your son and his new found friend. His friend is a God send, and perhaps God has intended this friendship all along. Love,hugs and prayers are sent to you from Texas..CC

  7. Your story brought tears to my eyes. It is far too easy to go about Christmas buying gifts and decorating, but we need to remember our Savior. My prayers go out to your Grandson, and his new friend. How lucky they were to have found each other. I hope you have a lovely day.

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my paper cross. I too believe God places us where he needs us at just the right moment and for whatever reason he introduced us today. I think all of us can get so wrapped up in our own problems that we forget what others need. God told us to put ourselves aside and minister to others, that is what your grandson and the Vet is doing. How courageous of them both and I hope they both know that God will use them. I will keep them both in my prayers as well as your family as you try not to worry over your grandson. I am so glad you found my blog today and hope you will visit me often!

  9. Dear Mollye, I will prayer for the grandson. We have two daughters that are bipolar and have been through hell and back two or three times. I am just worn out from trying to trust in God and just waiting for the next bad thing. Like the gs. they are okay as long as they are on their medications, but something always comes up. I never in all my worst nightmares ever thought this would happen to us. Blessings to you.

  10. Geez Mollye, I'm so sorry your heart is troubled. Prayers are coming Andy's way and blessings to you and Lori too. Inspite of this, I hope the holiday season brings you much comfort and joy~
    everything vintage

  11. I'll keep Andy, Pop, and your whole family in my prayers Mollye. Hope his surgery went well!

  12. I hope Andy is feeling much better now. It is such a shame what has happened to him and it is wonderful that he now has a friend and they are taking care of each other.


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