Monday, December 14, 2009

Are We Havin Fun Yet?

Well I know I'm havin fun tryin to get this place in ship shape. There's just something about Christmas that says ...... decorations are nice, food is nice, shopping is fun, but CLEAN that darn house first! I have never seen so many dustbunnies in one place before I began moving things from here to there to make room for the red and green!

C'mon in and take a look.

C'mon don't be shy..........

I had her in my hands to pack away for the holidays and then thought "Why oh why would I put her up. An adorable little school girl just watching my every move and getting oh so excited

An uh wait a minute there Mister Toby. You BETTER watch out. Someone is looking at you

Oh and ya better not pout. I can see I almost caught you and your bad self in the act of wanting to play with some toys that do not belong to you. Don't try to deny it mister. Momma wasn't born yesterday ya know.

This bedspread belonged to our angel watching over us, Miz Pearl my MIL and this is the first Christmas I've used it. We've had it packed away in the cedar chest, but I think it looks so pretty for the holidays

I love these stained glass Cardinal pieces my daughter Shari got me two years in a row. She found them at the hospital gift shop but she works at a different hospital now. Darn the luck.........

And I smile when I look at all the Christmas dishes lined up on the dining room shelves like little red soldiers

I made these cute little trees out of paper cones and toilet paper rolls I had been saving for some unknown reason. Wish my feeble mind could give due credit to the creative gal who first made trees like this. I think it looks like a little cone forrest with the little disheveled carrolers wandering throughout

This is a couple of the fabric hearts I told you about a few months ago that I made with all sorts of bling and glam embelishments and I have them hung on pine garland over the windows

The mirror in our bedroom needed a little red sprucing up don't ya think

And ditto for my always cluttered dresser with this raggedy ole pair of favorites

And last but not least our tree which is ALMOST finished. I miss getting a real tree this year, but I said last year.......NO MORE NEEDLES in my vacuum!
I did.
But I do have one more thing I'm making for this tree and is a surprise I will post about in a few days! I think you'll like it.

Remember me telling 'yall about disassembling all my wallpaper books? Right..well I made these loopy thingies from the heavy pages between the samples and I'm lovin the natural look

And not exactly a Christmas look here, but this little shabby chic apron I made for my Granddaughter Emily who has a birthday and will be 20 years old on the 17th. Yep I tell you girls, from Dec. 13 to Jan. 23 we have 9...count 'em NINE birthdays in our immediate family. Whew!!! Makes me dizzy thinking about it

Hey hope you all have a fun week decorating and don't let PITA catch you banging and swatting those bunnies!! mizmollye


  1. have wonderful, creative talent!

    I think the wallpaper ornaments are my favorite!

  2. Ooh that dog is giving Rondell the tickles! He about to eat up all them strings and know he be caught in the act!

  3. Your post has been so much fun to read.
    I love all your decorations and your little doggie is so sweet even though he is a little

  4. Everything just looks beautiful momma, and I can't wait to get there. Then it will be Christmas. I have artfully set one bucket of poinsettas squarely in the middle of my coffee table _ and that is it. Shari must have gotten all of those creative genes and I was robbed !

  5. Everything looks so Christmasy, Mollye, and I love your little sneak thief with the toys. LOL! And that's a whoooooole lot of birthdays... hope your granddaughter has a happy one. She's getting present I know is neat!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Hey Jolly Mollye...Your Lookin Sooooo Christmasye and with lots of Warm and Fuzzye memories and special collections! Ann and Andy are so happy to be a part of your Christmas...I know this cause my, Ann and Andy made by my SIL as a Christmas Gift several years ago, told me so! Your blog background and graphics are really neat, too! Enjoyed it all!

  7. I love your whole look! Thanks for inviting us in to your cosy home! suzie. xxx

  8. Okay MizMollye, let me start by saying I'm very jealous of your daughter and sister in law! Soooo not fair but I hope they have a good time at the game! woo whooo! ;)
    Now back to the post...your Christmas lights are so pretty at night! I'm sure you get a lot of passer by-ers!
    Plus it's cool to know that you are using that beautiful bedspread. MizPearl would be happy to see you do so!
    How do you do it with 9 birthdays PLUS Christmas???? I like the idea of handmade gifts such as that cool looking apron. I'm sure she's going to just love it!
    Stay warm's getting cold again!
    everything vintage


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