Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

When everywhere you turn there is a charity begging for help.

Children are cold. They have no coats to keep them warm. Some don't even dare to think of a new toy, they just want to stop being cold.

And when you see this sign. The United States Marines' Toys For Tots.
It's fun to shop for a new toy or sometimes a gently used one will be accepted.
I think it's especially fun for grandparents who don't have little ones at home to shop for a child or for those with no children to get in on the fun of toy giving.
We can all be Santa.

You walk the aisles in the toy stores looking left and right and marvel at the toys of today. Most of them to me don't even classify as toys as they're objects that kids use to entertain themselves with and you have to do something to them to make them work. Everything has to be plugged in or re-charged or something like that.

Can't I just find a set of jacks and a little ball. Or puzzles or jump ropes. "Jump Ropes", the clerk says. Uhhh I think there are some kind of jump ropes in the personal fitness department. Duh ........... my bad. On to something else then.

Well we all know about these.
The Angel Trees.
They've been around for quite a few years now. Most churches, the malls and other facilities have adopted them as a way of their customers being able to give a specific gift to a specific child.

But....guess what? I heard on the news the other night that the gifts collected from the Angel Trees here were ready to be distributed and they were 300 gifts short from the names that had been snagged.

Now that presents a dilemma for someone. Meaning the different organizations are going to have to reach down in their own pockets to ensure that all the children have what they are expecting.

I can see how this Angel Tree idea could be a potential disaster. Sure hope all the folks who took an angel tag will indeed drop those gifts off.

The most familiar Christmas giving symbol of all times I think.

The Salvation Army is found in every state of the union and perhaps even abroad. I haven't read too much history on the organization, but I do believe in them and know they do wonderful things for many.

Jingle jingle......... who could resist passing by those bright red kettles without dropping pocket change in.

And last but not least are the Food Pantries. Were it not for the generosity of you, me and everyone else who send checks and take canned goods to the voting polls, to church and to other events, what in the world would become of the hungry.

The food banks and food pantries all depend on our giving to be able to operate soup kitchens and shelters. Places where those who are homeless and hungry can depend on a hot meal. Also for those living on very limited incomes who need a hand-up.

Thank God for all the Giving and selfless acts of kindness at Christmas and throughout the year!

'tis more blessed to give.


  1. Good Morning Sweet Mollye...
    Love your post today. So sweet and true. We have so many to buy for, but we always add at least one more to that list from the trees of love. It makes you feel so good inside.

    Now before I forget, how is Mr Andy? I have been thinking of him and praying for him. I pray everything went well. Please update me and let him know that I am praying for him, and that he is loved by someone who doesn't know him personally, just knows he needs a little extra Lovin.

    Take care sweetie. Have a beautiful day.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  2. Mollye, enjoyed reading this thoughtful post. I can assure you from first hand knowledge the Salvation Army does amazing things. They collect all sorts of toys and things for the needy and have a distribution in our area. Where we live, they have a large storefront in an empty store where they stored the toys, and my husband and a bunch of businessmen who are on their Board of Directors went to see it. And Mr. Magpie said there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

    I participate in a charity at Christmas that I've done for years, and this year, I decided to shop for the child myself and treat her as if she were my own because she's in foster care at age five. There is no telling what landed her there. SO she got everything she wanted on her list and then some. I'm posting about it on Saturday.



  3. Molly,
    Thanks for reminding us the real reason for Christmas. There are so many children that need our help. It feels good to take a name off the tree and then go and shop for that child. Thank you for such a sweet post.

  4. Great post Mollye
    My husband is a marine and he donates to toys for tots every year.This year he gave over 80 hot wheels from his personal collection. Bless his heart
    Love ya

  5. Mollye, thanks for reminding us to take time for those in need.
    Just wanted to comment on toys. I bought a Guess Who game at the thrift store and my two DGDs spent more time playing that game than they do with the expensive toys they have. Such a simple game but they loved it. I paid 75 cents and they had hours of fun (no batteries required). It also allows them to use their problem solving skills. Please consider simple games when selecting toys this holiday season.

  6. Hello Sweet Mollye...
    I know I already stopped by earlier today, but could you please pop over this evening. I have written my new post for this evening, and I think you will find the reading quite interesting. Have fun. Country hugs sweetie and much love...Sherry


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