Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Old Man Winter

Yes I KNOW I live in Louisiana............but still if I have to be this cold why oh why can't we be doing this............

Or at least be looking out our windows and gazing upon this...............

Seems so unfair doesn't it that something of such beauty and majesty would only go to a few parts of the country when the rest of us dreams of such.

Oh well of course we DO get some Snow. Probably a couple of times a winter, but not the white, beautiful sugar powder kind. Nope ours is very wet,though pretty coming down but when it actually sticks to the ground it usually has a pretty firm layer of ice under it and much yucky water under the ice so that as the snow begins to melt or be trampled down by children's boots and car tires, it becomes brown, slushy, nasty and ugly to look at.

And along with the fleeting beauty and sheer awe of snow we get icy laden tree limbs causing them to droop and fall on top of the utility lines causing major power outages, the close of schools, work places, traffic lights to malfunction, many accidents and in general complete chaos and distruction. So while we still wish for a little frosty white powder to play in, we are always very careful of what we wish for because you know we just might get it and like the words we say.......we never know which ones we may have to eat so make very sure they are sweet.

For all you sweet friends living in areas where snowmen are the norm I wish you a day of childlike play and joy.......

And for the rest of us may we have a day of curling up in our Christmas jammies with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and the latest issue of our favorite magazine and be content with our dreams.


  1. I live in an area where we get snow.. lots of it at times... I leave the snowman building and sledding and all that stuff for the kids. I like to stay inside where it is warm and cozy like you. As I type I am enjoying a cup of java with hot cocoa mixed it , sitting in my new black velvet pant set my hubby gave me for Christmas. Do you have a fireplace? That helps make these cold and grey winters more cozy too. Blessings to you my dear!

  2. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh Mollye, I do love this post. Quite cute. Now you know, if you had the snow you would wish for something else. Those folks want to dig out, you want to dig in, and I just love being here in the desert.

    I never want to live in the cold again. I would just like to visit it.

    I am working again today, on a quick break, so wanted to pop over and say hi. I love to get my Mollye fix for the day.

    Thank you as always, I feel happy when I leave here, you always touch my heart.

    Country hugs and much love sweetie...Sherry

  3. I do love the snow and we have LOTS of it in Minnesota this year. I wish I could send some to you...really, we could do without some of it.

    Sweet dreams!

  4. Oh, the joys of livin in the South! Fun posts and I totally relate to the 'next day...slushy, muddy, nasty snow''s what we get here in West Texas, too.

    Enjoy your Hot CoCo and new Jammies!

  5. Well you talked yourself out of wanting the snow. That is what I need to do. If we could have it one day and take the beauty of it in and then it be gone when folks have to get out in it, would be perfect. Oh well, we will just take what we get. Looking forward to a new year of learning and meeting new folks. Blessings

  6. Oh I so know!!!! It has been the the 30's for the past few days!! I want snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing you a blessed New Year Mollye!!

  7. We havn't had snow yet either Mollye, but we will I am sure. We usually have lots by now here in our part of Ontario.
    Have a wonderful New Year :)


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