Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ya Gotta Start Outside

Ya know as much as I adore Pink and the very soft and gentle new colors of Christmas what it boils down to is I am truly a Traditional Christmasy kinda gal and in keeping in the spirit of the whole red and green theme I just wasn't able to find a single shade of Green Hair Color
so............I just did the next best thing and I kinda like being a fiery red head for a change. Punkin says it's kinda nice too!
And everyone knows how I do try to please my Punkin Darlin.

Now I will have to pony up now and admit I have still not made it out to the road to decorate our old mailbox but it is only
December 2 for goodness sake! Geez........

But I did get the most of it out of the way and we're not far from being lit up.
Punkin will tend to all the electrical matters and he promises we will be shining like a big dog come the weekend.

So let's open the door and head out front so you can see what's been happening around here in Dixie Gardens. Isn't this a cute lil guy. He hails from Big Lots.

I made this wreath a few years ago and all I did this year was hang a humongous red bow on the bottom and I think it dressed up pretty good and will make it nicely another year.

Okie dokie........what you see here is the front porch and I rather like the way it came out. A snazzy Winnie Pooh scruffy mat for folks to wipe those muddy shoes on and I decided not to put lights on the porch railings or even on the house because when we get lit up you will see why.
Hint: We have a picket fence that goes completely around the front and sides of our house and yeppers..........every square inch of it is decked in greenery and
the all american fave***icecicle lights. Whoopie whonkers it's gonna shine and twinkle!

And here is a little peek at the yard and looks like Santa's been here and just collapsed. Maybe it was from trying to climb out of that tiny sled.

He puffs up
really fine when we turn the lights on.
Ain't that funny.

Toby our little Boston Terrior barks like crazy when he sees him lying on the ground like that!

And my girlfriend, Sheila made this joyful yard decoration for us last year and it looks fantastic with the flood light shining on it at night.

Ok girls, this will be all for now but I promise to astound you with all the brilliance of electrical magic next Tuesday and after that we'll mosey on into the house so you can see more of what we do to make it look like Christmas at our house!

Peace and hugs, mizmollye


  1. Happy Holidays Miz Mollye...
    I love your decorations. The wreath sure looks festive with the big red bow. I love the way it looks on the door.

    So cute and I am so lovin that red hair. Looks so beautiful on you. Great color for sure.

    Now I was tickled to read you have a Boston Terrier named Toby. I have a Boston Terrier named Bruiser. His pictures are on my scroll bar. You'll have to take a look. I would love to see Toby. Bruiser barks at everything different laying in the yard too. He does not like change at all.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. I believe that you were meant to be a redhead, looks great! Your home looks very festive.

  3. Love it all...especially the red hair! I always wanted to go red...someday I will and look out world!
    Hugs, Suzanne

  4. Ah Molly, you look beautiful and a bit sassy!!

    Love the joy sign!

  5. You look great as a redhead! I am thinking it fits your fun personality.
    Love all the Christmas decor going on at your house. I love Big Lots , haven't been there in a while, thanks for the reminder to get there and look over their Christmas goodies!

  6. I love the red hair!

    About the pink decor... As much as I love it (and I do! I do!) each year I still KINDA miss all the reds and greens. So...outside that is what I do...just reds and greens! And. my front tree that peeks out the window to the street as well.

    Traditionally colors will ALWAYS be in style no matter what.

    You look SASSY with that hair. I wish I could pull it off. :( No way.

    Love to you~ Rebecca

  7. golly, mizmollye! lovin' your new red do! suits you just fine!

    your yard's lookin' great too! can't wait to see some pics with all those lights!

    terry lee

  8. It all looks beautiful Mollye! But the most beautiful thing that I have seen on your post today is you! Love your pic and the hair is great! suzie. xxx

  9. Pretty red hair, girl! Love it! And you have gotten a lot done. Me? Nada! I have a squirrel man coming in the morning to get some unwanted guests out of my attic!


    Sheila :-)

  10. Love the new head! I've been a red head all my life and kinda like it. Don't you just love Big Lots they have so much great junk. You are way ahead of me on decorating and it looks great! Warm hugs, Esther

  11. Love your scenic tour of the holiday decorations! Lovely post. Thanks for visiting me on Holiday Pink Sat!

  12. Love you JOY!

    I was going to look at thrift stores for a big nativity for at the store, but think i like that joy.
    Very bright, and still the message. And, we can do it ourselves without painting the whole family. =0))


    barbara jean

  13. The red hair suits you Miz M. It looks very smart. I think you have made a great start with the holiday decorations so far. What is the big "JOY" made from?


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