Monday, January 11, 2010

100 Things I Love

Hey Everyone

Today is my first day back to work in the Tax Office here in Arkansas and I have a breather since we haven't actually geared up to E-File taxes until the 15th, so I thought I'd share something I ran across which I left here in my desk one year ago while I was goofing off!

It is a list I made of things I love, and I read it today and found that I still love 98 of them, so I am sharing it with you as my post for today and you might want to make your own list and compare it next year! Crazy huh?

Blogging (was puzzles last year), old motels, black & white photos, charbroiled med. rare steaks, christmas music, dominoes, New Year's Day, white shoes, parades, good manners, french braids, hardware stores, red, handbags, anything vintage, copper, rusted metals, dolls, cheesecloth, grunge, clean sheets, snapdragons, gospel music, iron pots, cinnamon scent, babies, collages, hot chocolate with saltine crackers, sexy shoes, clover, watching children play, buttons, blue eyes, new crayons, visiting old churches, country cemeteries, ribbons, Dancing With The Stars, sleeping, fresh tomatoes, thunder & lightening, roller skates, pigs, aprons, old Bibles, Mardi Gras, mustaches, hoeing the garden, motorcycles, libraries, tattoos, paper dolls, log cabins, snow, shady bayous, Louisiana, soul food, pushup bras, key lime pie, simple jewelry, ephemera, ice skates, crochet, lip liner, men with deep voices, anything Catholic, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, shabby chic, old houses, puppies, V-8 juice, wood floors, ironing, journals, screen doors, my family, soldering, civil war reading, hamocks, toe socks, convertibles, bread pudding, hot tamales with cane syrup, cajun music, kilts (was baby monkeys), riding Greyhound busses, going barefoot, white underwear, men laughing, saving change, paint chips, novels, celtic music, painted toenails, wallpaper books, sunbathing, courtroom drama, Italy, pixies , fairies & gnomes.

So ok kids what's on your mind today!



  1. So glad you found 'TheList' and time to Post! These 'Eyes of Texas' were watching your Avatar...and there ya were! Yay! Gee, I'll have to think on a Hunerd Thingys. I'll start with the same #1 as You...Blog. Okay..Done...for now! Sue

  2. How lovely to read your list--so many facets of you. And how is it that we have so many things to love in common? Is it a Capricorn thing?

    PS I'm so glad your recipients liked the cards!

  3. Good snapshot of you in those hundred things Mollye. I picked up some wallpaper books from the side of the road a few months ago. Sent my kid to get them haha. He wasn't pleased at all. I will have to get to work on my own list. Maybe you should start a blog event for those who want to join in ...

  4. Fabulous! And now Mollye I must tell you that I have tagged you over on my blog to list ten things that you enjoy that are free! sorry, After that long wonderful list you may not be in the mood! suzie. xxx


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