Sunday, January 10, 2010

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

I bid you all Farewell for a wee time.

I leave my sweet home and my oh so sweeter Punkin Darlin (Mike) this time each year since my retirement to go to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a two month stay with my daughter Lori where I work with her in her Tax Office.

It is fun and I love getting to spend time with Lori and we do have such fun together. Plus I get to make a little extra money which is always nice, but oh how I am faced with that double-edge sword of wanting to go, not wanting to go.

Have you ever been in this situation? I miss my hubby so much which I'm gone, although we email, talk daily on the phone and still it is not the same because he is all alone and I feel sad when I think of him here with the house quiet and no one to talk to or be with.

And I will miss my little daughter Shari because we've grown so close over this past year and from a big part of our weekly Bible Study together. I will miss her picking up her phone and saying "heeeeeeey", and coming right over with two cups of steaming Starbucks!

And I will miss my youngin Jake who drops in on the weekend to catch up with us, and more than not bring some laundry or come to check out his winks on the computer!

But there are more that I will miss and that is YOU..... all the wonderful, fun, witty, creative, loving gal pals I've made in the world of Blog this past year. I will miss reading your posts, and seeing what you're up to and how your families are doing. I will miss knowing who needs extra prayers. I will miss reading your comments of encouragement and just chick talk to me. will be for only two months and actually I will still be able to look, peek, chat, post and all the stuff we do. Just not as often. And I am also taking my soldering station, and all the jewelry making stuff to try to focus on my jewelry to hopefully have a good stash of to list on Etsy when I get back home. This I can do there on the weekends. And I am also taking my yarn and hooks to still crochet at the office (I can do that ya know cause the boss is my kid) for the Prayer Shawl Ministry here at our church.

So..............................just want you all to know I love ya, am thinking of ya and will see ya soon.

Wintery Hugs, Mollye


  1. I just wished you happy birthday, now I am wishing you Bon Voyage. That sounds like a fun thing to get to do for a few months. I am like you I would have mixed emotions. HH would get along fine here alone but I would miss him too. That is a good thing to get away a little while.
    Blessings to you and family.

  2. Isn't it funny how we long to be in two places at the same time. Time will go by fast, just you wait and see and you'll be back home with Punkin Darlin before you know it.
    Have a wonderful and safe trip and don't work too hard.


  3. Have a wopnderful time Mollye, will miss you too! suzie. xxx

  4. We will all be a waitin for "Mollye ToBe Comin Back Around the Mountain"! You Go Girl for those extra bucks, crochet and visiting! See ya when you get a chance to visit and post...I'll be keepin these Eyes of Texas on Ya!

  5. Mollye have fun!
    Hubby will be fine and just think of the passion when you get home! Hummm..


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