Sunday, January 17, 2010

LOST ..... In Cyber Space I Guess

Those little Thumbnails on the sidebars of our blogs. You know the ones which tell us when the blogs we are following have posted something new, and maybe have a picture or at the least the first couple of sentences........... Yep you know the ones.

Well Woe is my tale here as this morning when I came back from church I thought I'd like to make ALL of the blogs I am following into the thumbnails so I could easily scroll down the list and find the ones who have posted something I've forgotten to read and quickly click on and perhaps keep a little closer tabs on since I'm out of town and not posting as regularily as I like to do.

So anyway I don't know what the heck I did, but suddenly they have disappeared from my profile page and even from the main page of my blog and they're long gone. I'm saying they are G-O-N-E! The only friends I now have to check on are the ones I had already put into thumbnail mode. I can't remember who my other sisters were and I can't find you. So this is a cry....... a plea................. a shout-out for you if you are someone who I have followed on your blog and you are reading and do not see your thumbnail blog on my sidebar, then leave me a comment so I can put you back in place.

Yep I am a little Technical Guru alright. Can I hear an Amen to that or a big TEEHEE.

I'm sneezing my head off and my eyes are almost shut from Seasonal Allergies and I have got to turn the lights off here before 8:30 pm and put my bad self to bed so I can breathe and rest my poor old eyes.

Oh and if there is anyone who cares except for us Bayou Sisters..............

Next Sunday the New Orleans Saints will go up against the Minnesota Vikings and the winner of that game will get to go to the Super Bowl and folks let me tell you that if they go, the state of Louisiana will party like none other.
Cha ching..........whodat say dey gonna beat dem saints...who dat! who dat! 13-3


  1. Yikes! I HATE it when something like that happens. Are they all gone from your Blogger Dashboard? If you still have the blogs you follow there you can try the add a gadget thing again.

    Happy belated Birthday and have a terrific week!

  2. Yay! I'm still on your SideBar...Thankgoodness...I'm lost alot, but I don't think I've ever been LostInCyperSPACE before. That's where The Dallas Cowboys were yesterday....LOST! So now, I'll get behind the SAINTS!...Cha ching!!!!!
    Don't miss ME & SistaDolly!!! She sings and I Dance!

  3. Looks like you got it back since you posted this. yeah! I hate when our computers don't do what we ask, don't they know they are here for us? ha! glad all is solved.

  4. oh girl, I'm BACK and we are already partying hard in honor of our beloved black and gold Saints!!!! yay!!!! Saturday was a terrific game...I'm hoping we play like that next Sunday evening!!!!
    I just wanted to pop in and whisper "who dat" and I missed you while I was away ;)
    everything vintage

  5. I don't believe I was ever on your sidebar thingy but I would be honored to be one who is added!!! I found you by way of Mary's once, you're so inspiring too by the way, and you have been to visit me a time back
    So do pop over to my blog if you get a chance again, in all your busy~ness sometime,I'd be thrilled!!! We worship an Awesome God and I am so thankful He has lead me to such wonderful ladies like you!!! Even if I my blog doesnt fit in to your sidebar,,hehehe. (Honest)
    Big Hugs Dena in the frozen tundra of Iowa
    well wait, I do see some mud appearing today,yuck..


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