Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm back in the saddle again. Oops...........wrong song.
I'm back in the office again. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up north in Hot Springs, Arkansas (teehee, well it is north of Louisiana) and I'm working with Lori (my oldest daughter) in her office helping her with Income Taxes! Yea I know we all hate those words. But it is kinda fun working after retirement and it won't be too too long before I'm back in my darlin's arms.

See..............this is me; Mizmollye in my own little office space. Yep you can tell it is a Tax Office.

And another shot of yours truly showing you what I made last year to keep tax records in. I took one of those cheapie accordian cases found most anywhere and collaged all over the darn thing and put everything I could find relating to taxes, money, debts and all on it to make it more artsy and cute for such an uncute place that people have to visit the first of each year. And I'm just showing it off for you is all.

And this little gal is my first born baby girl named Lori Suzanne. And I'm right proud of her and I can tell you the girl is a whiz at taxes, math and all that stuff.

And I just gotta show you what met me when I arrived here the very day after my Birthday last weekend. Lori and her hubby Marcus had a little Birthday Party going on for Momma and huge big balloons that made me smile.

And pretty shiny and bright Birthday Gifts

So I set right into opening them up and Yay! Great hair products and girls if you've ever mistreated your hair and abused it like I've done mine over the years, you can really appreciate GOOD hair care stuff!

And hidden within the big shiny package was this glorious turquoise Velour jumping about suit and silky print blouse to go with it. I mean can you just see all the bling on the little hoodie. Way to go Lori, you do know your Momma's taste don'tcha, and a canvas tote to take stuff to the office uh you know like my big ball of crochet and a hook or two and it's the Advertisement thing you know. And of course a pen with the name of Good2Go Tax Company and when I pack everything in my tote..........well I'm good to go.

And speaking of Birthdays. I posted on my Birthday Jan. 9 that I wanted to give someone a present. So I drew the name today from all the comments from that post and the Winner of my giveaway book titled "Treasured Wrappings" goes to Cynthia over at Beauty and Blessings. Cynthia is just a wonderful sweet and talented woman and if you don't already know her, please visit her. You'll be glad you did!

And I think I might have mentioned that Mizmollye and Lori too could stand to shed a few of those unwanted now that the holidays are over pounds of what is caused largely by fudge, cookies, pies, cakes, dressing, gravy and yep every dang thing but veggies and fibre, soooooooooooooooo being the dedicated and trying so hard to keep to our resolutions have been eating like this.

And ya know what. It ain't half bad. In fact I could get used to this.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm let's see now, it will be at least six more weeks before I retire again and go back to my home sweet home and to my oh so missing hubby (Punkin Darlin) that I'm having visions and daydreams of what he will think of his new and hopefully much slimmer model of a wife. Oh how I do miss my Punkin, and how my Punkin misses his Missus.

Yeppers, Bring on the veggies.
Pass the Grape Nuts please.

See ya soon girls, your friend


  1. Hey Sweet Mollye...
    Girl you are looking GOOD. Looks like sweet daughter wsa so wonderful to you for the birthday. Love the jumpin suit, and the hair products we can never have to many of. I buy mine monthly when I get my hair done for sure. That is one thing I have to take care of. Love the hair.

    You are just the cutest little thing darlin, I am so tickled to see these working pics of you. Love ya behind the desk with your collage folder. Cute idea and great job.

    Well do you have to work Saturdays too or does DD give you a break?

    Have a beautiful weekend. I love the smile and I am smiling right back at ya. Do ya see me? Love ya sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. You are NOT that old, honey, truly; that's not really you and your daughter!!! I can't believe it. You're so young looking.


  3. You could definately pass for're both just beautiful. Did you ever get some great birthday gifts!!!!Happy Pinks and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. are just so much FUN!!!! I would go back to work just to spend the day with you:-) Looks like you hit the jackpot on your birthday, too! Happy Weekend,

  5. shore enough enjoyed your post, as always, mizmollye! :-)

    looks like you're havin' way too much fun while working up yonder with your baby girl. wow, you two do NOT look like mother/daughter!! you both are so young and pretty and vibrant looking!

    anyway, somehow i missed the post about your dear birthday ... so please forgive me and accept these sincere, if belated, birthday wishes. hope you had a great day. looks as if your daughter made sure you did!

    happy, happy belated birthday, girlie! have fun with those taxes. oh! and i LOVE that accordian file you made!!!

    hugs from way down south in texas (heh heh),
    terry lee

  6. Well, Look AtCha!!! You're AhLookinSoFine!! And what a BirthdayHaul!!! HairDo Stuff, New Duds and Good To Go Bag! I bet ya'll are having too much fun, and I'd love to join ya, but I'd be more Math trouble than my volunteering would worth. Ya see, I have this thing about 'Rounding Off' entries in my check book. Needless to say my Darlin keeps the check book and was sooooo glad when they came up with the all I have to do is find those darn receipts. Sure do like your TaxinMathin Collage!

  7. Mollye ~ Hi! It's me - the winner of your giveaway! I'm so tickled that I won! Wow, it really is fun when your name is drawn and you're the winner. Thank you so much!!

    I know you and your daughter are having WAY too much fun on and off the job. It's such precious time that you two are spending together - it's exactly what my mother would do for me - just stop everything so she could help me do whatever I needed to be done. I lost her last year so make a point to enjoy every moment together.

    What fun you are having being mistaken for sisters! I just know you two are laughing half the day. Enjoy....

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  8. Good golly MizMollye...working?...well, it is fun to work a bit after retirement when we know it's not for really playing was always fun to help a friend clean her room even when our own Mothers had to fuss at us to do it in our own houses. Hope you are having a pretty weekend and a beautiful Pink's crisp and sunny here in central Texas and we are loving it. Tell your sweet daughter she picked a winner for your birthday gift.

  9. MizMollye, I was just looking at your profile pic thinking how cute you are, and lo and behold I went over to your blog and there you were at your desk looking all cute and happy.
    I really enjoyed your post, you can feel the love. I love all your gifts too. What a sweet daughter. But like a lot of the other girls, I think you could pass for sisters. Seriously.
    Thanks for visiting me and if you think Mr. Sissy is funny how about Punkin Darlin!lol
    You are just the best ever and I'm so glad that we are friends.


  10. Ok now that is a great story. I love the music and loved that movie too!! I will be sure to think of you while I am nice and cozy in my bed, Char

  11. Hello Ms M. and Lori. Great pictures. Great to meet your daughter too. I am coming by to tell you I believe I would have liked your Mom. I am 72. How old was she? I am having as much fun as I did when I was a kid, no I have always had fun. Have a great HH and 6 kids and 10 grands that call me Queen.

  12. What a lovely birthday Mollye, good food, nice gifts and your daughter looks just like you!

    Nice to see your smiling face and best wishes on your plan to lose weight! You can do it girl!

    It was so nice to see your smiling face today. Have fun!


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