Friday, January 15, 2010 that a word!

'ya know when we used to say TGIF on Fridays? Well teegiff for me today for sure. I mean really, I have not gotten up and gone to work in almost three years and this first full week has left me feeling well like someone snatched mizmollye out of this body and put me somewhere else and I'm trying to find myself, but tomorrow tomorrow is Saturday and I'll be OFF and I will once again find myself, my camera, my muse, my artwork, my crochet, and my blogger buds.

I'll also find things like once a week stinky laundry to do. And the other stuff you haven't kept up with on a daily basis.

Oh yep and I plan to attempt to download my camera here on dtr's. puter and show you some stuff I've been doing while away from home.

So I leave you with this .............. teegiff an havagoodun. mizmollye


  1. Good Morning Mollye,
    My, you are a chipper little girl this morning.
    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.


  2. I sure bet you are ready for the weekend. As I am just as sure that you add a ray or two of sunshine to that office!!!

    I'm catching up here - two months!! I know you are missing your Punkin Darlin!!! But how wonderful to spend so much time with your daughter too!!!

    Oh, I was reading through your list - I love lighting and thunder too!!! :)

  3. I have a sinus headache so I feel like I've been hit with a MACK TRUCK in the head...

    I'd complain but then I think about the people in Haiti and I KNOW I can handle it.

    Thinking of you...glad you survived the first week. But I don't know what TEEGIFF means. I'm so stupid!


  4. Oh Boy! I've been waitin all week to hear from ya! Tomorrow on Pink Saturday I start the WeekLong BlogginBirthday Bash, so I'm gonna see ya then...right? right! If ya don't get to the 'StinkinStuff' don't worry...just turn those Undies inside out...I won't tell, and you DidNot get that tip from CollectInTexas Gal.


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