Saturday, January 9, 2010

Whaaaaat.....66 Birthdays?

A Happy Birthday Celebration Giveaway!

That's right
Sixty six years ago today on January 9, 1944 my Momma and Daddy were charmed beyond belief with a big 9 lb. 4 oz. bundle of pink joy.

My Daddy was only 23 and in the army stationed overseas and Momma had been left in Tyler, Texas where they were sent while he waited to be deployed and it was there that I was born.

Momma was a mere 17 years old and she and I lived in an upstairs apartment and I still remember the stories she used to tell me of those days and the old man who lived below named Ferd and how kindly he was to her and how they swapped ration coupons.

She would give him her sugar cupons so he could make his home brew and he gave her the dried milk rations for me. So many stories. I would sure love to be able to hear one of Momma's stories today (and she had a many; a storyteller like none other) but I will have to be content in remembering them through my memory bank.

This photo was taken right before my first birthday while we were still living in army barracks. I am sure I was 10 months old here.

And Whoopie doo
Here I am today!
And 'ya know what?
Today is a Happy Day having absolutely nothing to do with a birthday. Punkin tells me that every day is Christmas for me and in a way he is right. I am blessed beyond belief.

I have a husband whom I cherish and adore and love more than I ever thought was possible to love a man. Four grown children who love and adore me and who all love Jesus. Many grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

I have everything I need in life and am able to get most of what I want and above all have lived to feel a peace and mercy and am beginning to feel a bit of wisdom coming into my life which I've not always had.

I've been asked what I'd like for my birthday this year and I truly can't think of a thing because I feel like I already have it all.

And you my friends are truly a precious gift.

And to celebrate my birthday I will send this fun book to the person whose name I draw from your comments one week from today on Saturday January 16. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me about one of your memorable birthdays. I think you will enjoy this book and it is also signed by one of the contributors!

So Thank You God, Thank You Family and Thank You Bloggy Sisters for making this a most Happy Birthday for me!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLYE!!!!! I'm bleary eyed cause I stayed up past Midnight so I could be the first to tell ya HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love that you were born in Texas! You're a great story teller like your Mama. Love your Lousianna Talkin and Music. I don't know if you do Pink Saturday, but I gave you a BigOle ShoutOut, so you'll be gettin some visitors on your Birthday from Pink Saturday. Be sure and stop by for your Party Banner, Crown and some Birthday's on the SideBar and under the Header! Thanks so much for being a CollectInTexas Gal Bloggin Friend....Love Ya, Gal!....Sue

  2. Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday, Dear Mollye,

    Happy Birthday to YOU!

    So glad I didn't go on my blog break before I saw this! I wouldn't have missed your birthday for anything!

    Sending you big hugs for the happiest one yet!


    Sheila :-)


    I love ya sweetie. You are just the sweetest little thing. I hope your day was filled with memories, we can never have to many of those.
    I love your baby picture sweetie, it is just precious. What a sweet Moma you had.

    You asked about a fond memory of a birthday. My folks never had a lot of money, and one year for my 7th birthday I received the Chatty Cathy doll that I so desired. I was so excited and I was allowed to invite one friend over for my birthday. I invited a girl named Debbie Guffy, she pulled the string on Chatty Cathy and broke her. I cried and cried, and Daddy took her apart and could not fix her. She was put back together with duct tape, yes the tape still remains on her today, as Daddy fixed her the best he could, and that love remains there. I loved that birthday.

    Have a beautiful day sweet friend. Country hugs sweetie and much love, Sherry

  4. Happy Birthday to you my dear sweet Mollye! I am so glad I came on today and saw it is the celebration of the day when such a true and loving soul came to this earth! I wish you all the blessings and happiness! Are you on facebook? let me know please! You have become such a wonderful friend to me, I am so grateful for that! suzie. xxx

  5. Well Good Golly Miz Mollye!!!!! Happy Birthday to you. You are a blessing to more than just your are a blessing to all of us out here in your bloggy world. Have a fantabulous birthday my friend!
    Hugs, Suzanne
    P.S...I checked in at 9lbs 4 oz also...I knew I liked you!

  6. Happy Birthday dear Mollye!!
    May it be filled with joy!!

    Big birthday hugs!!!

  7. My mom! I wish that I could be with you today, but our hearts are togather. I love you so much and look forward (selfishly) to many, many, many, many more birthdays of yours! You are a special person to so many, truly a gift from the Lord sent to touch others and brighten their lives.

    Happy Birthday, My Mother. I love you.
    Your son,

  8. Say it ain't so, sugar!!!! Nuuuuu, you can't be that "old" since you look 40 if you look a day. WOW, we're getting younger as we age, aren't we?! Sugar, yer lookin' gooooood.....

  9. Happy Birthday!! I need to see some ID because you look AMAZING!!!!! I pray that you have a blessed and wonderful day. MAy the Lord bless you with many more.

  10. Mollye about Denise. You can go to Marsha's blog. wwww.marshasmusings to get the button and learn more. Thanks for asking!

  11. Don't really have any birthday memories but just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I am a Louisiana gal born in Texas also. I was actually born in Athens just down the road from Tyler.

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well, Good Golly, Miz Mollye! I'm singing the Disney Birthday song now "Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday...Happy, Happy Birthday to You" and just to let you know, YOU are the subject of my blog today!!! I've posted pictures of the giveaway I won from you! So I'm the one celebrating gifts on your birthday. Hope you have some warm sunshine this week and you can enjoy a few normal southern days. You look great! Ain't live grand? Blessings on your Birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday to you! What a gift to be able to look back on your life (and forward to) and be able to so clearly see all of the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. I hope it is an incredibly happy one and the year to come is filled with lots more blessings!

  14. Happy Birthday Mollye!!!
    You are looking so good girl, I love your eyes, they are gorgeous and your warm smile is so genuine.
    I love coming to visit you. You always inspire me with your wit and charm.
    It's wonderful that you can look back and say you have it all. And you do.

    hugs and may you have many more birthdays!


  15. Yiour Mother sounds like mine. She could tell so many stories it was a pleasure and you know what, my brother had her record them through out the two years before she passed away. What a treasure.

    Love the song. You are an amazing women MsMollye

  16. Happy Birthday to you dear Mollye. I liked your story of your Mom. I am old as dirt the only birthday I remember is when I turned 60 my family had a surprise party for me at my son's farm and everyone was there. They all kid their cars behind the barns and I had no idea when I went into his house a huge crowd, even from out of town was there. It was great. I love to hear about folks who love each other. I would like that book too. blessings to you.

  17. I hope your birthday was wonderful. I just blogged about a very memorable day celebrating mine (which is tomorrow). I NEVER would have guessed your were even 50 looking at your pictures. Truly - you are a beautiful woman.

  18. Happy birthday, you wonderful Capricorn, you!! I'm sorry I wasn't here on the day, but I'm glad YOU were!

    Most memorable birthday? My 50th, and my husband surprised me with 75 guests, all dear friends and family. He told everyone to bring a story, song, poem, or skit, and the entertainment went on for hours. It was so wonderful. I think I laughed for happiness for the first 15 minutes after we walked into the restaurant and I saw everyone. I was so amazed.

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday dear Mollye!! Bless your heart - you are a delight. Thank you for your lovely, sweet comments you leave for me.

    Have a Beautifully Blessed 2010...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  20. I cannot remember one memorable birthday I have had. We never got many birthday presents as children. Our birthdays were remembered but not with presents. Could that be why I have no memorable ones or am I just getting old?
    Happy Belated Birthday Greetings to you Sweetheart and I hope that you and your daughter are creating some great memories together.

  21. Happy belated birthday! so sorry to be late with this. I look at your picture and there is no way you can be 66!! You look radiant and youthful!


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