Sunday, January 31, 2010


And ya can't get your car out of the driveway as was the case for us Friday morning as Lori lives waaaaaaaaaaaay up on top of a steep hill

and we were afraid if we got down we probably couldn't make it back up sooooooooooo we had to close the tax office and since my Punkin was at home in Louisiana and her Punkin was there on a little job, we would make the best of a snow day by doing girl stuff

With first of all a little frost and tip on my hair to remove some of the lingering gold yuk from when I tried to be a ravishing red head!!!!!!! NOT!!!

And then we decided to tighten up those flabby I mean soft faces with a little product from Mary Kay and whoop whoop here we go..........

And whoopsie I caught up with Lori as she twisted and swiveled her way to a new waistline on the new AB Circle thing!

So 'twas a day well spent as we toned our bods and fine tuned our 10-day healthy eating menu which we bought tons of veggies and the likes of that sort of stuff for today.

But the ice has melted and the snow is disappearing and Monday is but a few short hours away and back to the grindstone for us gals.

Yall have a super duper week!


  1. Mollye,
    You are such a hoot! I love doing girl things like that... in fact it has been a while since my face has been treated to a green mask. Glad you had fun with the day.

  2. Hysterical. You have much more nerve than I do. LOVED THIS!


  3. just look at y'all!! too funny, mizmollye!! what a great day for making memories, mother and daughter. love it.

  4. Love it--great bonding day for you all

  5. I love the way you share you life with us.
    You are so fun!!!!

  6. Hi, Mizzy! My head's been full of you for days, so I stopped by to visit, and have been reading one entry after another, and smiling all the way, but this one actually, truly, made me laugh out loud!

    And you are so cute and so clever!

    Does that ab thing work? Is it as much fun as it looks to be? I love the new plaid purse, and I'm quite sure that pink dress would fit my left thigh just perfectly, and the soup sounds yummy, and parsnips are okay, if you're in the mood, and cook them right. They are to carrots what turnips are to parsnips--similar, but not as sweet.

    Love and hugs.


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