Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yep I am indeedie still working that little part-time venture I do each year during the tax time of the year and while I am away from home and not on the clock, I GOTTA do something 'ya know!

So I swear to you there is a thrift shop/flea market/antique shoppe or second hand this or that on virtually every corner and at least three of them in between!

I've managed to frequent two or three and I did promise to share a couple of happy finds with you.

Is this a cute number or what???

Much here to swoon over.........

And I very nearly bought this but got to thinking....where will I display it cause it sure an shootin won't fit one part of me

These little faded pink ballet slippers were found hiding among the treasures in the Central Flea Market here in Hot Springs and I am not exagerating one bit, you have to walk three miles to see everything!

And I went into a little "New to You" shop last week and bought myself a very functional and sensible black leather purse to hold everything I might ever need in a lifetime and while there I saw a plaid handbag I fell head over heels in love with but I was waaaaaay to frugal (I love this word for "cheap") to buy it for $16.00 so I came back to the office and was describing it to the last detail for Lori and lo and behold what do you think she did the next day when she went out to make a post office run?
You guessed it.................Back she came with the purse of my dreams

as a surprise for her Momma and also this little sweet desk pretty!

She said I just needed it to go with my jeans and plain ole brown clodhoppers......... What'cha think?

I got dressed that morning and felt a little "naked" with a PLAIN red blazer and thought it needed a little jazzing up and having none of my craft things here I pulled a big white silk flower off of an arrangement on her dresser. YES I did!

And I then grabbed a Red Magic Marker and went to work making polka dots. Well Sisters she thought her Momma was one crafty and talented lady at which I just blushed because you know it was something a trained monkey could have done. But at any rate my jacket looked a little more know "funky chic" put together like!

So I will surely take my camera when I visit the next "joint" so we can play more Show and Tell.

Three more weeks and I will be going HOME. I'm feeling like the sweet little guy in ET with his long crooked finger who said "Hooooooome".

See ya...........mollye


  1. What a great photo day for you!! I just love the polk-a-dot flower... Great idea!!

  2. I read this earlier and can't remember commenting...bad huh?

    Love this and your last post was a hoot!

  3. Oh what wonderful fun stuff you found on your journey. Wish I was there to go shopping with you....I am jealous!

  4. You are having way too much fun! Love that flower pin on your jacket. Warm hugs, Esther

  5. Arkansas sounds wonderful. Love the shopping you describe. I also love the flower pin you created and your Lori is so thoughtful. That bag looks great on you. How do you even add the little thumbnail thingies on the blog? I remember I started out doing it but after a while I found I couldn't put anymore on. They just didn't show. (And I am afraid to even touch them now after hearing your story about yours diappearing).

  6. Love those thrift stores. How clever you are! Love that flower on your red jacket.


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