Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I sometimes find myself getting to another floor in a building via the escalator and absolutely have to fight the urge to take my feet from the steps and glide down to the next level through the air as if to be sailing in mid air. I think to myself, "I have done this before and I can do this", but good common sense takes over and I realize I cannot do this. How strange to have such an overpowering feeling when all the time you know it is something your mind is trying to convince your brain that you can do. The only thing I can make sense of this peculiar phenomenon is that I have dreamed this.

I do collect ice skates, roller skates and even the very old sidewalk clamp-on skates. I have always been fascinated by the sport of ice skating and have on rare occasions tied on a pair and made a very feeble attempt to glide on the ice.

Are you enjoying the Olympics? Oh for me the figure skating is just something akin to magic.

I am so proud of Joannie Rochette and her very poignant program of last night. My heart goes out to her, and her father and I just know how very proud her mother must be. The strength of this beautiful Canadian is so powerful. God Bless her heart.

We have a little ice on the roads and ground today. I have an errand to run and am bundled up like a pudgy snowlady just to make it to my car from the porch.

Enough ice to pull out those skates you ask?

Only in my dreams!


  1. Good Morning Sweetie...
    I so love to come and see what you have written to share for the day. I love this post. I can just see you ice skating around and around the mall rink.

    You know I too have many skates of all kinds, but alas, I am to old and large to take on that art anymore.

    We can dream right? We can live through the beautiful ice skaters that are in the Olympics. They allow us to dream about what could have been. I can feel the cool on my face, and the ice droplets on my leg as we spin and spin. Gosh, last night we even got a nose bleed. Did you see that young girl?

    Well sweetie, I will see you on the ice again tonight. I love you girl...Sherry

  2. Miz M. I am the same way about playing the piano. I can read music and play the violin but always wanted to play the piano. In my dreams I can play up a storm. Took piano lessons a 100 years ago. Maybe something is stirring in there. I too am enjoying the Olympics. Joannie R is a treasure and an magic angel. Keep on skating girl. Blessings

  3. You are such a good person with such a big warm wonderful heart!
    Love you my friend!!


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