Saturday, February 20, 2010


Kinda like doing a major spring cleaning of your closets and drawers. Ya know this bloggy has become in that category. I am back home from Arkansas and my blog left me feeling a little drab each time I tried to get back to it, so of course the color RED always perks me up.

We're also in the beginning of Lent and it is a time that brings to mind for me of an opportunity to clean our souls and prepare for Easter. A time to search our consciences and make ammends, do penance and be refreshed.

It seems that during the Christmas holidays we are happy, upbeat and downright giddy and joyous, then the first of the year arrives and with it cold, dreary days and we're sometimes left feeling a little like crawling in a cocoon and trying to just be alone, stay warm and feel a little dejected.

I tell you there is not much to make me pull up my big girl panties and get with the program like cleaning house.

So I just cleaned up my bloggy. And by the you like it?

I am in the process of cleaning my house. Grrrrrrrrr.

And my soul is begging for a cleansing, a brighter outlook on life and a closer walk with our Lord who is waiting.

Cleanliness, busyness, determination. It just does a body good doesn't it.


  1. I like th' red, sugar! WooHoooooooo

  2. That's the Thingy with Homecomings....Homecleanings! Course not all of us have MardiGras Beads and Saints Confetti to sweep up! That's whatcha get, Girly! Glad you are HOME! 'Bloggy' looks all spiffy except I'm having a hard time reading the paper...Sue

  3. Well, if you know me, you know I like red, and so, I like this look! So cheery, It is taking me a while to get myself together after Christmas! suzie. xxx

  4. your new layout is nice and cheery, mollye! the old newsprint background is so sweet.

    i know you must be happy to be home again. click your heels together three times and say it with me ... there's no place like home!

    btw, Q-tips are not supposed to go inside any body oriface!! that's nurse terry lee speaking. heh heh

    terry lee

  5. Love the new look, but I liked the old one too. This one is very cheery indeed!
    Glad you are home and back to normal. Things have calmed down quite alot and now we are looking forward to Easter. This weekend felt sort of weird with no parties to attend, no food to prepare...Louisiana is finally settling down. I think I'm happy! ;)
    everything vintage

  6. Glad you are home with a little moola in your pocket. Or maybe you are like me and already spent it all, or maybe you volunteer to help her. What ever, I like you blog. I change mine ever whit snitch. Blessings

  7. Nice look Mollye!

    So I take it you are home now? Bet you hubby was glad to have you back again.



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