Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Do you ever have one of those days..............

Ya know when there is nothing wrong and you just have that "feeling".
You know the feeling that just spells D-I-S-C-O-N-T-E-N-T?

Well today is one of those days for me. I hate that feeling because a woman more blessed there just ain't. Maybe that feeling comes over me when it is trying to say.

"Get up off your lard butt and do something productive".

So yeppers I listened to that little nagging voice and drug out the ironing board and iron and put on a Netflix movie with our handy little Roku device and whoopee boys here I go.

Won't Punkin be happy tomorrow morning when he reaches in his closet and finds all his uniforms starched and ironed.

Hallelujah indeed! Hope your speakers are on. This song speaks volumns to me!


  1. Whoa--I know the feeling. I'm sure the hubby will be happy. Great post. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I hear you!

    I'm blogging today (my first blog post in three weeks), but then I am going to travel later today, travel again on Saturday, and finally, get the things done in St. Augustine that I have to do because Claudie and some other blogger friends are coming for Claudie's birthday! Mollye, I took one look at the porches, the dead flower beds, etc., and I thought, oh, MY! Well, I actually had other thoughts, but I only write in "G." LOL!

    Good luck with your cleaning, my friend. Think of me as I tackle a mountain...


    Sheila :-)

  3. awww. what a sweet wife you are, mizmollye! my hubby prefers that i not iron his shirts. haha! either he just likes doing it himself or perhaps ironing isn't my forte!

    anyway, yes. i'm very familiar with that thing called discontent. i think women suffer from it more than men ... maybe it's hormones (or lack thereof!), maybe it's how we (women) process things in our hearts. who knows.

    but if ironing did the trick for you, hallelujah indeed! usually a good junkin' trip with The Girls clears the cobwebs and discontent from my soul.

    terry lee

  4. Well Miz Mollye all great minds must think alike! Only I didn't call it discontent I called it lazy..and decided to go with the flow and did not get productive! Being productive is probably just what I need but I'm not in the mood yet!! Warm hugs, Esther

  5. When I feel like this I just get my butt up & do something constructive!!
    My Grandma used to say that "Self pitty is VERY unattractive!!"

  6. I KNOW exactly what you mean, and you are right-
    the best medicine is to get up and do something.
    I enjoyed visiting so much.


    White Spray Paint

  7. Don't wear yourself'll be too tired when he wants to show his


  8. You're just feelin your feelins momma. It's good that we can do that today. (without panic).....I am so glad you are enjoying the ROKU. I hoped it would be good for something - and it turns out that it was !) I love you, and your man LOVES to be lookin' starched - doesn't he ?
    Love Lori

  9. Don'tcha just love SprayStarch? You're a good woman Miz Mollye....ironin and starchin those uniforms! I used to iron! Since my Hi Honey retired, he don't care if his workin duds are wrinkled a bit! My favorite ironin movies are 'Pretty Woman' and 'Continental Divide'. I still watch them even tho I don't iron much anymore!

  10. I love that song! Oh, yes I know that feeling all too well! I too am blessed and hate it when that feeling sneaks in.

  11. Good Golly, Miz Mollye, I really enjoyed the post and the music...did you see the opening of the Olympics? KD Lange's version of Hallelujah had the audience spellbound...and the previous post was even better, more like your regular self...congratulations on the vows...

  12. Hallelujah! Love the song and did you have fun ironing? sandie


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