Saturday, March 20, 2010


Oh girls, I know so many of you visit Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix and if you have been there in the past day or two you have read about Collette. If any of you have not been to Sherry's please allow me to introduce you to

Colette Gauthier

She was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer in January and is a single mom of a 15 year old and is in dire need of some cheering up. C'mon girls lets join our hands in an incredible circle of prayer warriers and lift up to Jesus the needs of Collette and her son. For He knows her needs and He loves her and we want her to know we are praying for her and we love her to.

So Sherry has suggested that we all send Colette a little handmade card or get well message and just flood her mailbox so her spirits may be lifted.

This is her address

714 Whitney Place
St. Louis, MI 48880

and I am posting her picture on my sidebar so others may get in on the fun as we blogger gals know how to spread the love amongst our sisters!


  1. We sure are lucky aren't we? Of course we'll prayer and send out prayer requests for her.


  2. Will post her picture and put her on the prayer list. Blessings to you dear Miz M.

  3. I have my card ready to go. If it means as much to her as it did to Ryan, I'm sure she will be overwhelmed.

  4. wonderfully sweet and thoughtful idea, mollye! will do that today. as a breast cancer survivor, i know how very much it means to receive words of support, prayers and tokens of love during this time.

    terry lee

  5. Thanks Mollye, I wrote her address down.

    I can't believe you are getting snow again - it's raining here!!

  6. I will send good loving thoughts. I am a breast cancer survivor, as you probably know. So I realise how much it means to get support and love. suzie xxx

  7. Well, I really tried to just get a card ready. I got a cute little package together and will pray for her and her son. TFS!!

  8. I'll be sending her a card and will pray for her as well.

  9. Thanks for the heads up on Colette Miz M. We missed you on Saturday over at Sheila's party. Hope you will have a great time in Boston though and there is always next time.

  10. I'm on it, dear heart. Thanks for letting us know.

  11. Hello Mollye,
    I will be sure to pray for Collette and her family and I will get to work on a card for her.
    Blessings to you!


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