Friday, March 19, 2010


Fragments of my memories made me think of a particular nightmare I had as a child and was a reoccuring nightmare well into my adult years.

I haven't had it in probably 20 or 30 years and I hope the thinking of it doesn't bring them back.

Somewhere during the middle of my sleep I would begin to see a small grain of sand on a countertop and when I tried to brush it off it would slowly develop into more sand and more sand until it completely took over my realm of vision.

It threatened to suffocate the last breath from me.

I would wake screaming, heart poundling and drenched with sweat. Momma would usually say something like "Good God George go see about her, she's had a nightmare" at which time my Daddy would come in and sit with me and talk to me and I'd eventually be able to go on back to sleep but only by getting sleepy from hearing his voice first.

What do they mean? And why do we have them over and over?

My husband said he had certain nightmares as a child that would cause such violent reactions that he had to on several occasions be taken to the hospital to be treated.

Today I usually wake with something either very funny, very quirky or very sweet on my mind and I can more times than not recall in pretty good detail the fragments of my nighttime adventures.

Sure hope you slept well last night! And I wish you all a great weekend!


  1. Hello my lovely friend! Just read your comment on my blog and came skipping over here to read about your dreams! I love the whole subject of dreaming, and have a few books on the topic. I had an amazing dream when I was ten, in 1968, I was in the car with my Mum and Dad, and we had a crash. I was thrown away from my parents, and I was dressed in white. At the end of the dream there were credits like in a movie and It said, this will be repeated in 1978. For years I worried that I was going to get killed in 1978. 1978 came and I didnt! But a year or two later, I suddenly got the meaning! I had got married in 1978, left home and my Mum and Dad, and the Marriage was a disaster! The dream was a warning! Also, WHile we were in canada and just about to move back to england, I dreamt of the house we would buy, that I had never seen. I described it to my Mum, and when we arrived in this country, guess what house we went to view! Yup! Dreams are fascinating. your dream may have stemmed from all types of things, they are so symbolic. Wonderful fascinating post! It has inspired me to jot down my dreams when I wake up again. the more you jot down , the more you recall. sometimes I used to remember about 5 or 6 dreams a night! Have a wonderful weekend Mollye! suzie. xxx

  2. Ooops! I just wrote a post instead of a comment! sorry for waffling! xxx

  3. I don't know much about interpreting dreams - although some people do and there are books on it. Carl Jung wrote lots of books about dreams.

    I have dreams - they aren't the same dream exactly, but the theme or parts to it is the same. The dreams have some type of water involved in it and moving and checking out a new house. Sometimes I wake up tired from running so much in my dreams.

    Hope you sleep well tonight.

  4. Good morning Mollye!
    I had a reoccurring dream when I was little.
    I was running down a dark alley with a witch's head rolling after me. I had it off and on as I grew older as well. Interestingly, I did some dream work with a friend last fall. As I was recalling it (the little girl - me) stopped and turned to face it - and said you cannot have little Mary!!!!!!! I think sometimes dreams are just dreams with no meaning. Sometimes, especially if they are reoccurring dreams they might have more meaning. Just a thought!!!

  5. I'm not sure where these dreams come from either, but they can be so scary. I am notorius for night terrors and screaming til this day.

    Sweet dreams my friend.

  6. I'm dreamin of spring and summer! My favorite dreams are of my's like a visit from heaven and I almost always remember every detail. I've joined you again for Fragment Friday with a special Texas memory! Come see my Bubbas.

  7. Curious dream. Dreams do speak a different language, a picture language. great pictures.

  8. oops dreams.. just wanted to tell you love the new banner and background..

  9. I believe dreams do have a message for us. I have been taught that no matter who or what you dream about it is how you feel when you awaken that is the telling part. I dream of being lost in a huge house or institution and not being about to find my way out. I have a deep seated fear of getting lost.

  10. I am happy to see you got your followers up on top where you wanted them.
    I had a terrible nightmare just a few nights ago and my husband had to wake me up from my screaming. Why do we dream the things we do? I am happy to hear that most of your dreams now are pleasant. Sweet dreams always to you. Your Dad sounds like a lovely man to sit so patiently with you as a child.
    Blessings always!


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