Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Lillian McKee and mizmollye

We were an unlikely pair. I was in my forties and married. She was in her sixties and widowed/divorced/single and we somehow connected and became great friends for three years or so while my then husband and I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were misplaced Louisianians and she was a transplant from North Carolina and Florida who had landed there to be near a grown son.

Completely Irish and with a lilting Irish brogue to match she was happy, loud, outspoken, and unique. She loved looking "cute", her white hair always styled to a T and her make-up and fashion trendy. She decorated her pad in Marilyn with lots of red, black and chrome. But her favorite color was Green.

After we came back home to Louisiana she stayed on in California and her son married and moved a little further away, she lost a daughter to cancer and became more alone and lonely. She survived cancer herself and had a little heart problem which led her to an assisted living facility where she had her own apartment but structured all the same. She made new friends, "old" folks she could help and befriend.

I went back once to visit and we re-kindled our very strong and old friendship. Lots of laughing, girl talk and she just blossomed. We again put on swim suits and sat at the pool tanning and drinking bloody mary's (the virgin type by then)!

I had been back home for 10 years and had also lost my husband, but we always stayed in touch a few times a year by letter and calls on holidays. I remarried my "Punkin Darlin" Mike and in 2003 we moved off to Oklahoma to help my oldest daughter, Lori get a foothold in starting a new business. Having never met him, Lillian had called us there during the Thanksgiving holidays and spoke to him a few minutes before he put me on the phone and she gave him the third degree after which telling him that he'd better be good to me or she would come over there and kick his butt!

I got a Christmas Card back in February that I had sent to her and it was stampted "not at this addresss". Thinking she had moved and perhaps to a nursing home I found a number for her son and when I called he apologized profusely for not calling me to tell me that she had died right after Christmas. It knocked the wind from my sails to know that never again would I pick up my phone to hear "Mollye me are you me sweet friend".

Oh I miss you Lil. Happy St. Paddy's Day. I can just picture you wearing the green in a big cloud of blue.


  1. Sweet Tribute to Lil. Life is good to bring special people to love and appreciate forever. So, from your BloginTexasFriend....
    "Mollye me darlin, you are a BonnieLass!

  2. ...and the rest of the day to you. Miz M. I had that happen to me once. No one to know to call me about my dear, dear friend passing. That was a beautiful tribute to her. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Such a touching tribute to your dear friend, I'm sure shes smiling from above. Happy Saint Pattys day!

  4. That was a sweet story and I'm sure a very sweet friend...Have a great st. pattys day!


  5. A touching story..At least you know and can give thanks your friend is wishing you a happy St. Paddy'f day.

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, but I do thank you for sharing the story of your friend, she would probably be tickled "pink" to know she was featured on this special day! Happy St. Patrick's Day Mollye!

  7. Mollye, thank you for sharing your sweet friend with us. She sounds like she lived every minute to it's fullest.

    email me and I'll send you my address.


  8. Hello Mollye,
    I found you through Lynne Stevens Blog.
    For some reason I felt compelled to visit you and so glad that I did. I lost a good friend of mine just a few days ago. Joan was in her mid eighties and she was born in Wales, she came to America when she was in her 20's. I will miss her lovely singing voice and her funny stories. She was a good friend.
    Earth sisters are a gift from God.
    Love and hugs to you...Susan

  9. Hi Mollye,
    How sweet of you to remember your dear friend.
    Sounds as though the two of you shared many wonderful times together. And just remember, the two of you always made each other laugh and the bonds you shared will always be with you.


  10. Oh, I had a similar happenstance last year ... actually "Doris" was my mom's best-bud, but I loved her all the same. When my envelope was returned by the postal service, I instinctively knew, but kept hoping -- until contacting her son. How blessed we are, to have been touched by these extraordinary ladies!

  11. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

    We are touched by everyone we meet - some more than others - that's for sure.

    Happy St. Pat's Day.

  12. Hi,
    I have been trying to get in touch with my bunny swap partner who is Bevie. I need her address. I have left a few messages. Can you help, her basket is ready to be delivered to her.

  13. Miz M. there is something for you at my new post.


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