Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Nowhere has there ever been a person who loves the circus more than I. I loved it as a child and my children grew up adoring the circus each year. From Ringling Bros. to the Shrine Circus and all the little tent circus' along the way; Kelly Miller and even smaller.

My oldest son moved back home to Louisiana about five years ago after living in northern California for ten or so years and could not shout his opinions on the circus and the treatment of circus animals in general loud enough. But I secretly thought "yep, he's become a tree hugging protesting/activist of all things he once loved". But I have thought much about it and have done lots of reading and this morning upon opening the paper this ad and article was on the front page of our paper. Now while I've never been a staunch supporter of PETA and mainly because they generally try to poke their opinions waaaaaay far down our throats, I still believe their message is a good one and it sickens me to even think of it as a possibility that these animals must endure the treatment they're reported to withstand in the name of a buck to be called entertainment.

Who would not love watching smart animals do tricks and perform gracefully and especially wearing costumes. But aren't there other means by which our children can learn about animals? Aren't there so many other wholesome forms of entertainment out there to participate in.

Look how long it took to abolish slavery. Aren't these helpless animals enslaved? While I never wanted my blog to be a forum for my political and social opinions I just felt compelled to get this off my chest and put it out for whomever may pass this way to at least consider.

This is part of the article I copied from The Shreveport Times if you're interested and if not...............hey sisters, it's still all good. Right? Luv ya all each and every day!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has put up a billboard off of Interstate 220 in Bossier Parish protesting the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which is coming to Bossier City in May.

Anyone who looks at the heartbreaking photos will see with their own eyes how bad Ringling's abuse of elephants is," PETA Director Debbie Leahy said in a prepared statement. "We hope parents will realize that if their kids love animals, the last place that they should take their children is the circus."
The billboard, which shows a picture of a struggling and tied-up baby elephant, is located on the west side of Interstate 220, near exit 17A, facing south. It is accompanied by the words: "Tied down, beaten, and electro-shocked." The billboard encourages people to boycott what PETA calls "Ringling Cruelty."
Ringling Bros. will be in Bossier City from May 6-9 at the CenturyTel Center. PETA claims that among other tactics, circus personnel use electric shock prods to train their animals. No identifying features on the elephant on the billboard show the animal was a Ringling elephant.
"Here's the thing about their (PETA's) thoughts," said Melinda Hartline, a Ringling spokeswoman. "They want to tell the general public what to wear, where to eat, where to spend their entertainment dollars without regard to the public being able to make their own choice. We want the public to come see for themselves."

What say you?


  1. Mollye - you are right - cruelity to animals is never right - in any way, shape,or form. It's sad to think about the circus doing things like that.


  2. I have a soft spot for animals and I agree with you. It's not worth it. I'd rather see animals at the zoo where they are not trained to entertain a human's whims.

  3. I have never been a fan of the circus. I hate clowns...yes I have that phobia! I think they are scary! ANYWAY....I don't like how they treat animals and I would rather go to a good zoo any day! Just my opinion.

  4. Oh Molly! That is so sad. The picture breaks my heart. People can be so mean and cruel. I often think God weeps over how man sometime acts.

  5. I agree with you on two fronts. The cruelty is terrible and PETA has a good point but I hate their ways of getting their points across. It is annoying to hear their preaching and their do this, do not do that, etc. It seems every thing is going to one extreme or the other these days.

  6. Miz M, it is always good to be informed so I want to hear about it if it is true. I do know dogs can be trained without that kind of inhumane treatment so I would love to know how true PETA's claims are about cruelty to animals. It would be interesting to find out.

  7. This makes my heart sad. It really does. I always just thought how lucky those animals were to have so much interaction and attention. I won't ever go again after reading this...BUT..Ooma likes here dresses and this is WHERE we draw the line . Ooma won't be cleaning out her closet....hee hee

  8. Hi Mollye,
    This just breaks my heart but I have always felt that the animals in the circus were mistreated. It's just not natural for an elephant to do those tricks without some form of punishment being inflicted on them.

    So sad.

    Thanks for bringing it to the forefront.



  9. Hi ya Mollye! I agree with you. I have only been to the circus once. I was an adult at the time and I hated it. I thought it was creepy and I felt badly for the animals.
    Sorry it took so long to return your visit! Hope yo are having a terrific week!

  10. Well, this is interesting. I've had some experience with PETA and they have been know to fake photos and make up "facts" that aren't true at all. Often. I'd be very careful with them. Hey, Mollye, I love your blog and especially your background! and thanks for visiting my blog! I don't go to zoos (where the animals are caged) nor the circus, but Peta's unethical tactics have never prompted me to make these decision. I'd rather do my own research and have. At the Shriner's circus, they are not treated badly, I do know of some where they are.

  11. Mom, I'm all for treating animals with compassion, love, and respect... but you can't base any logical or unbiased argument on anything that PETA says. They have proven themselves time and time again to be an radical extremist organization that will write false news releases, photo shop pictures and say practically anything to bully people into thinking as irrationally as they do.

    PETA is a major reason why animals don't have more rights in our society. PETA turns people against their cause out of their sheer ass-hattery way of doing things. I say up with animal rights but down with PETA!!!

    Love you Ma :)


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