Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yippee skippee....................I got one!

I have been wanting one for almost two years and I've been pricing them and being a little wishy washy about buying one. But recently got bit by the Kindle Bug again and have had an Amazon Wish List icon saved to the desktop and that is what did it.

Punkin darlin was spending a little time on the computer while I watched American Idol and I got sleepy and went on to bed early, but an hour or so later woke up and walked into the living room to find him just about ready to order the Kindle.

Well I swooned and shed a tear or two and protested about not needing a Kindle right now and so on and so on and a few yada yada's here and there and HE said, "Please just get the Kindle and it will be for Mother's Day, our Anniversary and any other holiday coming up between now and Christmas". So I relented and finished the order and guess what?????? HE said, "Go ahead and pay for 2nd day delivery so you can have it Friday"!

Eekkkkkkkkkk I said as I was squeeling like a little piggy. After which I showered him with lots of kisses and I told him. "YOU can go ahead and pick out a new gun and I will order it for you and it will be for Father's Day and our Anniversary", upon which he said "For what the Kindle cost me, I cannot even buy the stock for a new Rifle"! Upon which I said, "Gosh, honey, I'm sorry".

So......... now I see you can get Gift Cards from Amazon and I will make everyone in my family who loves me aware of that and when the occasion calls for a giftie, they can buy a little card and I will .......... yep, purchase a downloadable book for my new toy! Oh gosh I'm a happy girl today.

Course my kids and Punkin too all tease me by saying silly things like "EVERY day is Christmas for YOU!"

Oh......can't wait til tomorrow.....Here comes Santa Claus!


  1. How fun! My daughter is an avid reader but I think she'd loose the thing...teens! And a gun sounds like a fair trade on happy gifting. LOL

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving kind comments on my blog.
    Just had a peek at your blog - Loving your crafty stuff!
    FAB pressie - Enjoy!!

    Jan x

  3. Happy Holidays to YOU! What a PunkinSweetheart you got there! I have seen and heard about those KindleThingies! A mighty nice read indeed. I used to be a bookworm, but not so much in the last few years. BTW, I sure like your music...Could I Have This Dance was playing when I arrived. It's one of my VERY favorites and that version is sung by Janie Frickie....a Canadian once married to a Texas Guy who is a Friend and Classmate of this GRIT and HiHoney! I bet you can hardly wait til FRIDAY!

  4. woohoo, mollye! happy mother's day, happy anniversary, merry christmas to YOU!!

    i can only imagine how excited you are! i was thrilled when i got my iphone. now i'm wanting the new ipad! looks like i may have to wait till christmas, for reals.

    but! i am sooooo happy and thrilled for you! what book do you want most to start out your collection?????

    have fun!!

    terry lee

  5. Oh, you sweet day brightener, you! "Could I have this dance?"--my husband and I waltzed to that as part of our wedding ceremony. (We were married in the living room of a B&B.) It will always be a favorite, and I was delighted when I opened your page and it began to play.

    Thank you!!

  6. Your Punkin Darlin sure racks up the points with you. No wonder you call him Punkin.

    I would love to have one of those thingees too.



  7. Did you ever read the GIft of the Magi by O'Henry (I think that's what it was called).

    She cut her hair to buy him a watch band - he sold his watch to buy her a hair barrette.

    Yours is a love story like that!


  8. Merry Christmas, Sweetness! :-)

    Let me know how you like it. Mr. Magpie is thinking of getting one, too.

    Have been missing you, my friend, and I hope I will see you soon... if only the workmen would cooperate and leave. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  9. I meant to say, "If only the workmen would make like the trees and leave!" ;-)

  10. Oh what a lucky girl you are!!!! A kindle is also on my Amazon wish list!! I have a friend here who has one and she loves it!!!! We have an English lib. here with about 10,000 books but there are very few new releases. We order from Amazon every so often, but that is about a month wait, along with extortion rates for weight charged by our courier company!!! :( Sooooo you see why it's at the top of this bibliophile's wish list??!!

    Thanks for stopping by mi casa!! Have a lovely day filled with a bit of art!
    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.


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