Thursday, April 15, 2010


Oh yes I do love Google. I always thought this phrase was spelled Mox Nix which was Latin for "matters not", but I just found out it is actually German meaning it is all irrelevant.

And I think this is too................You have the same idea but it can be expressed many different ways.

Like ways to enjoy summer. If you want to take a swim, you might have one of these

but then again you might have one that looks more like this (which we do)

and you may be one of the toned, hot bod, gorgeous ladies like this with a new swimsuit by Victoria's Secret

or you may still be stuck in time and a bit demure and modest like this

but whatever the case it all boils down to a bunch of gals just wanting to cool off and have a little fun

So I say "Macht Nichts", or "Mox Nix", because it really Matters Not how you do it or what you wear when you do it, just get out there and enjoy your summer!


  1. Hey Mollye girl!
    I wish they made a swimsuit that went down to my knees and up to my neck. Oh, I guess I could wear a diving suit! Oh well, the older I get the less I care if I look hot in a swimsuit, I just let it all hang out! LOL

    Enjoy your summer too Sweet friend.


  2. ooooooh, mollye! love your new background ... those pink pearls are sooo pretty! also love that savage garden song. v. sweet.

    i nearly puked when i saw that skinny little thang in the bikini. okay, honestly? just a little envy in my almost 50 year old heart.

    but it's all good. like sissie above me, the older i get, the less i care about "being hot". if i'm comfortable, i'm happy. mooooooo!!

    thanks for the fun post!

    terry lee

  3. I sure won't be showing this post to Love Bunny with that s*xy model showing it all. I'm more like the demure one with this ol' body, sweetpea! *Sigh*.....

  4. Oh Mollye Sweetie....
    I am laughing and laughing. What a beautiful write this is. Girlfriend I have an inground pool, and a plus size body that doesn't fit either of your suits, but I do swim. Love it. Great exercise and at this rate it will not take long to get in with the temps rising so quickly.

    I love the cattle in the pond. So cute. Oh you have made my day.

    I leave in the morning so I wanted to pop over and tell you I will see you when I get back. I just love ya sweetie. You are the BEST. Have a beautiful week. I will be back home late on the 24th. Am going to have a giveaway for my birthday on the 25th, so I will be looking for something special while I am gone.

    See ya in a week. I love you girl. Sherry

  5. HeyMizzy...I be the SkinnyA$$ one second from the left...the heifer not the ModBod or HotBod! Oh Gal...I'm holdin my sides! I'm so glad you are Phrase MixerUpper, too! It leads to the best 'irrelevant' ideas...or should that be 'irreverant'. Thanks for startin my day off with a laugh...I need it. the music and new background. Seems like ZZTop did a song about was irreverant!

  6. great post. Girl, I cannot figure out how to enter your bottle swap?? I'm in!

  7. Oh this post made me laugh. I love swimming but this 'big' bod does not fit into teeny bikinis anymore..I have my swimming 'dress' now. Lots of fabric and Honey that works for me! Its all about enjoying your life and letting the good times roll along with the rolls on my body!

  8. I enjoyed this too and something I've learned in the golden years is I yam what I yam. Just enjoy life and live it. You're 100% correct.


  9. Ha ha Mollye, I am more like the cow pic! suzie xxx

  10. I have a suit just like that red one. Not!!! My swim suit makes rare appearances now a days. But I will put on my big skirt styled stretchy one piece and have fun with all the other peeps by the pool when it gets too hot.
    ta for now!


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