Thursday, April 15, 2010


We we did love that TV Show of the late 50's starring Danny Thomas and Daddy made room for us to sit in front of the TV and enjoy this sweet show.

Do you remember Angela Cartwright and Rusty the cute and sweet kids who were hard for us to live up to?

Well here she is now and she is still a beautiful woman and some of you may not know but she is a wonderful artist. She has published several books on altered art, collage and mixed media art. I have one of her books and I love it and want to get her Garden Book which came out last year.

She has a blog and a website and if you're interested in what she's up to these days, just click HERE for her blog and leave her a comment to let her know not only is she a Fragment of our memory but part of our today too!


  1. Didn't she play in Lost In Space too? I loved Make Room For Daddy. Glad to know she is alive and well and beautiful. sandie

  2. Hey Mollye

    First I love your new look! So she she!!!
    Unfortunately this show was before my time. But I'll have to check her out.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. She was a cutie and looks like she still is. I will check out her blog.

  4. Hello Mollye! This is a great post! I shall go and pay her a visit in a minute. Thank you for another lovely comment, you are so sweet and I feel like I know you too! Have a lovely weekend! suzie xxx

  5. I absolutely loved that show when I was a child!! She grew up to be a very pretty lady!!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

  6. Hi!
    I have had a blast reading your past posts! I will go and check out her blog. I am also going to try to find the book you mentioned a few posts back. Have a beautiful day!

  7. OH my gosh I loved her but had no idea where she went or what she was doing. How fun! She is a collage artist too!! I will go to her blog!
    Thanks Mollye


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