Friday, April 16, 2010


OK.. so you're a big girl now. But somewhere inside of us is that same little girl. We may not let just anyone in to know her but we know her and she still exists.

Is there something you remember playing with as a little girl that when you see it today it makes you swoon? I mean really swoon.

Well for is toy dishes. I can be shopping innocently and happen to walk through the toy aisles and when I see a set of dolly dishes I always have to stop.

I mean I STOP and gaze on them waaaaaaaaay too long. I'm like any other grandmother to someone passing by trying to decide if I want to buy them for my grandchild, but nope that is not it at all.

I am remembering how it felt to hold them, wash them, serve tea from the tiny cups and stir tea or coffee with those teeny tiny little silver plated plastic spoons.

Oh the joy and I am taken back to being a four year old again and again.

Lugging my cache of dishes with scrap of fabric for tablecloth out to my "private little place", which was a very shady corner of the backyard.

So shady and firm the ground that it was moss covered and grew wild violets.

The dirt was so worn and packed you could sweep it and sit on it and not be dirty when getting up.

And of course the dolls would have to be taken out along with a couple of chairs and maybe a little bed with covers.

And I had a little broom and of course I had to wear an apron. But it was all centered around the dishes.

What is it for you.

Do you have a secret stash today?

I do. I have a big wicker basket of tin, plastic and aluminum toy dishes I got on Ebay and of course do not have a use in this world for them. And no respectable place to even display them.

But I have them. A slice of childhood up on a shelf in my closet. And if I really want to I can get them down and hold each piece and remember when.........


  1. Your story is so cute. I don't have any dishes from my childhood, wish I did. My Mom says I would go out on the path to our house and set up a table and dolls and play "dishes". Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I still have some dishes from when my girls were little. I am saving them for a grandchild. I still feel them call to me also.

  3. Ohhh,your story brought tears to my eyes at how well you could see inside and know me. Oh yes, I still have that little girl.... I was so touched by your story, I may have to borrow your idea for a post of my own. I could never write it as well as you have though...your post is just beautiful.

  4. ahhh, yes mollye! i remember playing with dishes as well. i still have a few pieces of my set from germany when i was five years old.

    i loved playing with my baby dolls ... pretending to be mommy. i always wanted to be a mommy. when i got my thumbalina for christmas one year, i thought i'd died and gone to heaven!

    thanks for the sweet post. hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend.

    terry lee

  5. Cute sweet story. I think having a stash somewhere is a great thing - you kept a piece of you.

    I have kept my two dolls who were my best friends growing up. I played with them forever.


  6. Oh Mollye,
    What an enchanting childhood you had! I think it is great you have hung onto your treasured dishes from then. I remember loving Barbie dolls and my mother telling me when I was 12 that I was too old for them now. I was crushed. So you would think I have at least one... nope. I don't think I really have anything from my childhood,except pictures and memories.

    Thanks so much for coming by my new blog "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" I am excited about it and hope it will help many others besides myself.
    Blessings always to you beautiful Mollye!

  7. Wonderful sweet story. Have nothing from my childhood but a few pictures and memories, some not so great. I love the pears and color of your blog. It is so feminine.

  8. Sweet story Molley...I have a sweet little tea set that my mother gave me when I was quite young....I cherish it to this day.

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely post on my blog....You made my day!!!!


  9. What a cute post Mollye.
    Mine would be paper dolls . I had drawers and drawers of paper dolls and I would get them out especially when my cousin Connie came to visit. I loved paper dolls.

  10. What a sweet post today! I really enjoyed being here! Pretty dishes. My niece collects the miniatures. Very pretty but I had many lovely sets as a child! Memories....

  11. Found your blog through Annesphamily and am so glad I did.

    What a fun post! I'd sit down and have a tea party with you any day! There is something so special about miniature items. I have a little tea set that I pull out to have tea with my teen every once in a while. Just for fun.

  12. I never really played with toy dishes when I was little, however I remember POURING over the Sears catalog and wanting a child sized kitchen SO badly! Have a great weekend Mollye!

  13. Oh Mollye, you sound just like me, I always keep the child that was me in my heart! I don't have a stash, but I do still have my doll Jimmy from my 1st year. I feel a bit like you were describing when I see dolls houses, as my Dad Made me one years ago. I used to love tiny things, and when I was about 10 or 11 , and not supposed to play with dolls anymore (according to other girls!) I had a secret dolls house that I made from a cupboard, so it stayed shut when freinds came round, but inside well there was an entire family living in there, with tiny cups and saucers, etc! I loved this post! Makes me want to go and play! suzie xxx

  14. I love this post. It brings out the girl I never was! Oh, Mollye, I was the worst tomboy you ever saw. Trucks, cars, yearning for an Erector Set, and/or a Chemistry Kit....

    But you know what? I sure did love my paper dolls, and I have quite the stash of them in a magazine rack by my desk, and buy Mary Englebreit's magazine, just to get them! (I've made my Coffee Pot People into them, too--I think they're a riot, but then, I'm prejudiced, lol.)

  15. Love, love, LOVE the red and white little dishes...yet another potential collection? SAY IT AIN'T SO! Adorable!


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