Thursday, May 6, 2010


Feelin just a little artsy and crafty but don't really want to get deep into something taking too much of your time. Our time is precious and especially when the weather is so great and we want to be out doing things but still feel the muse creeping up and saying "C'mon just create something even if it is a small something".
Well I may have the answer for you! Tags the assembly line way.
Here I'll show you how I turn out a large number of tags to have on hand and spend very little time in doing it.
First I select some printed paper for the fronts of my tags' like this

and this

and then I get out my tags and glue sticks and if I don't already have tags on hand I make them from stiff paper or cardstock and I glue them down on the back side of my papers

I wanted the backs to be aged so I spritzed them with a little water and sprinkled instant tea pretty heavy over the watered tags

then I just let them air dry

but if you're anything like me and on the impatient side you may want to dry them this way

And after dry you simply cut around each tag and then punch a hole in the top and you're ready to have fun decorating the fronts. What I chose for my images on these tags was to tear out some black and white pages from old yearbooks and also some scanned ephemera and vintage images and start gluing. Then add captions and other little bits and bobs such as buttons or bling-bling and when the front satisfies you just take some ink pads and ink around the edges. When through with the look you want, brush a sealer or glazing medium over the tag and when that is dry add your fibres and strings and there you have a whole mess of tags to send out or use for gift tags or whatever you desire.

And that's it a collage of 18 different little tags so my work in the art room is done and I'm outta here to a sunny, breezy loozeyanna kinda happy day!


  1. These are great and thanks for showing us! I would be the impatient type, wanting to get onto the next bit! I know what you mean about the weather and wanting to get out! the garden beckons...have a happy loozeyanna day! suzie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey, I think I can do that. What a wonderful idea. Great ideas with Miz. M. I know where to go to find fun things to do. Blessings

  3. Oh ,Molly I love the tip!!! I would never had thought of using instant tea ! Great idea. I am going to put it to good use.

  4. Hi Mollye! You are soooo talented! I love seeing all the beautiful items you make! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a great tutorial and you've made wonderful tags Mollye!

  6. I love them Mollye! Thanks for showing us the steps. I like your new background and header too!

  7. Mollye, these tags are simply adorable! OH, how cute they are! Girl, you do some good work. Really good work. :-)

    Have missed you much. I hope I will be able to blog a little more now, but I am still meeting workmen the next few weeks. I'm supposed to go to Texas, but that might not happen. We'll have to see how far I get.

    Sending you warm hugs across the miles. Hope all is well in Looooziana. :-)

    Love you much...



  8. I love the tags. Each is beautiful and all are so different.

  9. I love the tags...I make cards and I'm certainly going to use your 'tea' tip :D your work is beautiful...and your site is pretty nice too :D
    Happy Mother's Day

  10. Great idea my friend.
    Thanks for sharing your work.

  11. I love this post! I've been cutting out tags from cereal boxes with all intents of assembling tags right and left. The cutting of the tags is much easier than the crafting part. :) LIke you, I start many projects and leave just as many undone. I do like quick and easy, and don't like to read any kind of instructions or directions. Have not heard of the instant tea dying effect before -- now that's fabulous! Loved your son's story of the love for his furry friends. Beautiful! Hope you are having a great weekend. Blessings, Tammy

  12. I love this post.. and your tags. Thanks for the step by step lesson.


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