Saturday, May 8, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there. Tomorrow is the day we honor all our mothers...those who are still with us and those who are not.

We had a Mother's Day Bottle Swap
and the special lady I feature through the swap is Lori from RufflesRibbonsandRoses
Her daughter Noelle who was my swap partner is featuring MY Momma and you can read about her HERE.

Lori is a beautiful lady both inside and out.

She is a true girly-girl lady who loves Pink, adores her family and grandchildren and is strong in her Catholic faith.

You can see here by the sweet things her daughter Noelle sent that she likes frilly laces, ribbons and crafting. Especially scrapping. She is a bang-up cook and likes baking. Cupcakes and Cookies are her specialty. In fact Noelle sent me their cut-out cookie recipe and this is special to me as I collect recipes and I will be making these cookies as soon as Punkin and I lose about 5 more pounds.

Lori is a gardner and likes Roses and growing flowers from seed and Noelle included a packet of seed for me and they will go in my flower bed in front!

Lori is just a sweet, always smiling woman enjoying this time of her life; a proud momma, wife and young grandma. She loves blogging and has a charming blog called Ruffles Ribbons and Roses you'll want to visit.

Happy Mother's Day, Lori and it has been a pleasure getting to know you and your beautiful daughter, Noelle!

These are the links of all the gals who participated in the Bottle Swap so click on each one either today or tomorrow and pay them a visit and see the "new" mommas they honor.
Mary Beth

This was a delightful swap as it gave each of us the opportunity of introducing our own mother to someone and letting all of you see just some of what made our momma unique and precious.

And I cannot let this day go by with paying tribute, honor and love to the "mommas" in my life.

My beautiful daughters Lori at the top and "baby" daughter Shari right below and then Jessica our beautiful daughter in law.

My beautiful mother-in-law Miz Pearl no longer with us but very much in our hearts and the only picture I have of us together.

And last but not least my beautiful mother, Gene Margaret who waits for me in heaven. This is the way my Mother looked at the age of 20.

To read more about my momma visit Noelle right here!

Happy Mother's Day to all women as there is no beauty greater than the heart of a woman.



  2. This was very sweet! I will be posting my tribute later and visiting everyone who participated. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Happy Mother's Day....
    So nice. I love your music playlist. I am blessed every time I visit your blog.
    Thank You!

  4. Happy Mothers Day to you and the beautiful Mothers in your family. They are so blessed to have you as their Mother. What a thoughtful and loving heart you share with us all, and one I know your daughters, DIL and grands will always treasure. Your Sweet Mama sings your praises to the angels. Happy Mothers day, my Sweet Friend.....Sue

  5. Dear MizMollye...
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog.
    After reading your tag tutorial I thought ~ hmmm, it's been a long time since I dove into tag art...and I loved making tags!!!
    Today I decided to clean up my work table by making tags with those scraps!!!
    A clean table and 11 tags later ~ you inspire me.
    Happy Mother's Day...

  6. Mollye,
    What a wonderful group of beautiful women you have in your life. Your daughters are gorgeous...just like their mom:)
    You look like your mother I see from the photo.
    Love your swap you did.. so creative. I am surprised at much fit inside the bottle.
    Blessings always and Happy Mohter's Day!

  7. A bottle intresting and so much went in it. May youand all the women have a great Mother's day.

  8. What beautiful memories you received and looks like you gave out! I think I will spend most of my day catching up with all the Swap ladies! I am in the process of posting mine. It was quite emotional for me because I no longer have my mom with me! But my swap partner Linda and I had a lot of fun and fears! We laughed at each other and found out this was such a wonderful swap! I learned much about Linda's lovely momma so you can stop by later and check it all out! I am taking my swap stuff outside to get better light and great pictures! Happy Mother's Day to All and Love ya bunches! Anne

  9. aww! what a great post! i won't have mine ready till later today:( happy mothers day to u!

  10. What a perfect tribute, Mollye :)
    Bet-cha your mom (and mom-in-law, too) are just "bustin' their buttons" with pride Up There.
    Have a sweetly-satisfying day!

  11. Gorgeous post!! love all the pics of the special mommas in your life!!

  12. Happy Mother's Day Mollye!!

    Big hugs!!

  13. Such pretty ladies! I love that picture of your Momma! I wish you the happiest of Mother's days! I am loving the new look here too!

  14. What a lovely tribute to the mothers in your life. I guess that swap was the best kept secret around, since I'd never heard of it till now. Great for showing it today. Happy Mother's Day to you, Mollye.

  15. Such beautiful pictures and lovely women in your life! Happy Mother's Day Mizz Mollye!

  16. what a sweet post, mizmollye!! lovely pic of your mom, too. how precious!

    hope you had a wonderful, blessed mother's day lady!

    terry lee

  17. Hello Mollye,
    You are always so sweet and saying the nicest things about others. The bottle swap looks like a real fun project.

    The women in your family are beautiful and so are you.

    hugs and Happy Mother's Day.


  18. Happy Mother's Day to you! I did receive my bottle and will post as soon as I can get photos. I am running behing today. Busy busy busy. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I got my bottle last Thursday and did not realize I was supposed to keep it for Sunday. I did post about it and show picture. I never did see the one I sent Ann. It was a great idea and I loved doing it.Your family is beautiful.

  20. . . .and a Happy Mother's Day to you too. ♥sandie

  21. I received and sent bottle from bottle swap. It was fun. Sorry I haven't blogged yet. Had to work today and am still playing catch up.

  22. thank you again for putting this is such a sweet idea and I loved it....happy Mothers day!

  23. Happy Mothers Day....My partner and I are mailing our bottles out later due to stuff.... I have had a rough couple weeks and had to put the bottle on the back burner unfortunately.We had a friend pass away, my husband ended up in the hospital and had emergency surgery, my kids are now really ill..... and I am officially bushed. Bottle will go out this week and I am still going to do a special post of her mom as well....I just hope Lori will understand. Hugs, Mica/The Child's Paper


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