Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hi Ladies and before I post I want to Thank Everyone of you who commented on our Mother Daughter Portrait. I just love my girls and think they are awesome and I thank all of you for the wonderful comments you left. I hope some of your are inspired to go have that portrait made with someone you love. I never ever had a picture taken with just my mom and me and I so wish I had!

We're having such a nice weekend. Lori and Marc worked with Punkin and I this morning and we got the pool up and cleaned and the water is filling it nicely, so before you know it we'll be doing the floaty cooling off splashing and swimming thing outback! Yay.

We picked our first little batch of yellow squash and a few zuchinni also and will soon have tomatoes as the vines are full but not quiet turning as of yet.

Remember my beautiful roses my boy Lance sent me for Mother's Day?

Well they did what roses do and turned brown, droopy and yep gave it all up for me and I just was not ready to say goodbye to them, so I dried all I could save and plan to use them for artsy projects.

What fun, and I'm happy with the way they came out.

Hope to make early mass in the morning and in the evening we're going to take in our first ball game of the season.

Go Captains!!!


  1. So pretty!!!
    Now I need to catch up and see your portrait:-)

  2. Look at that squash! It's one of my favorite things to grow and eat. However, this far no garden and no squash. I saw your Mother Daughter Portrait. You Gals are Lovely and Love Shines on all your faces. The roses really dried nicely. I let a bunch of mine DropDead on DaStem. They were beautiful...even in death. Thanks for the welcome home....I'm soooooo glad to be back.

  3. I love how your roses dried!

  4. What a beautiful colourful post! gorgeous! Margaret

  5. The roses were beautiful when you first got them and they're B E A T Y L I C I O U S now :D
    Enjoy the ball game.

  6. Hi Mollye, thanks so much for adding GrannyMountain to your reading list! I've been going back reading some of your posts, what pretty daughters you have! Our daughters are grown too, 40 and 31. This blogging thing has been more fun than I ever expected! It's great to meet new friends, read about where they live and then find MORE blogs to read! Come visit me often, I write about whatever pops into my head so you never know what you'll get!

  7. Neat! I like to save rose petals to use in pot pourri. I put them in the microwave on paper towels to take the water out of them. You do them for about 15 seconds a pop till you get them good and dry. But I like your method more!


    Sheila :-)

    P.S. I love "My Girl" by the Temptations! Oh, how I love that band! Mo-Town has always been my favorite music.

  8. You need to give us a lesson - or me at least- how to preserve those flowers - they looked pretty! Hope you had fun at the game. Sandie

  9. I love the roses Mollye! Sorry I have missed that post, I will go and have a look now. The weekend was so hot here, I had to spend it all outside, so not really been on the computer much! Have a lovely week! suzie xxxxx


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