Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had posted recently about my girls taking me out for a Momma and Daughter Portrait for Mother's Day and this is it.

That is Lori on the left and she will be 48 in a couple of weeks. She has a son Andy who is 30 and is living in Arizona and single. Her daughter, Erika is 29 and the momma of two little girls named Nayda and Ellie and they all with daddy John live in the Dallas area. Lori is a cable tv producer and also has a tax office and she and hubby Marc divide their homes between Hot Springs, Arkansas and Shreveport.

The little gal on the right is my baby girl named Shari who will be 46 in November. She is a pediatric RN and the momma of three kids. Joe who is 28 and daddy to Kane and Luke, Michael a college student and Emily also aspiring to become an RN. Shari and her hubby Wes who is a cabinet maker live across the river in Bossier City, LA.

In a couple of weeks, my oldest son will be coming in from Mobile for a visit and I plan to snag he and his brother off for a momma and son portrait.

This is something I have NEVER done before and I'm so glad to have recent pictures of my children together. Bet one day they'll be glad they have these.


  1. This is beautiful! I so want to do this with my girls! They are lovely and look like their Mom!

  2. A trio of beautiful ladies! I loved seeing this, Mollye!


    Sheila :-)

  3. You are all so beautiful. And what a lovely thing for your girls to do--you're right, too, thinking they're going to love having this someday!

  4. You are one lucky lady to have such a beautiful family!!
    Have a Wonderful Weeekend!

  5. Okay - first of all you are way to young to have girls that age - and they look young too! What a beautful beaustiful family. What a great idea about the portrait. sandie

  6. Beautiful!
    As time marches on, I shrink from having my picture taken -- but you're right: Someday this will mean soooo much. Thanks for the prompt!

  7. Your daughters are gorgeous, simply gorgeous. BUT, I don't think you are old enough to have those two gals. I think they are really your sisters in disguise (grin).

  8. You are all beautiful Miz M. Do they realize how regal and classy you are? I am looking forward to seeing you with your sons. Blessings

  9. Three beautiful women. It is such a nice gesture for the girls to arrange this. This will become more priceless with time. Just so pretty.

  10. Beautiful Mollye...
    but I think this is 3 sisters ~
    You should be soooo proud ~ and I know you are~

  11. You look like sisters. All three of you are beautiful and I love that you had your picture made together.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you and your sons.


  12. Your gals are gorgeous and I see your reflection in their eyes! Love to you! XO ~k

  13. Mollye, what a beautiful portrait..My sis and I did a portrait last fall and gave it to my parents for Christmas, they were thrilled..your daughters are just as beautiful as you are and I bet inside too!
    Happy Weekend Miz M.

  14. Three very beautiful ladies! No wonder you are so proud. I would be too. Can't wait to see the mother and son portrait!

  15. You are ALL adorable, but they look like your sisters, not your KIDS, sweets!!! ;-)

  16. mollye! this picture is awesome!! love how y'all wore bright, gorgeous, coordinating colors ... and you all are soooo lovely!!

    you look entirely too young, mizmollye to have daughters my age! okay, i just turned 49, but close!

    also, like your shari, i'm an RN.

    will you be my mother-figure?? ;-)

    terry lee

  17. Mollye, I think you are teasing us and these beautiful ladies must be your sisters!! You are too young looking to have them for your daughters. A wonderful picture and I know you are proud of them.

  18. Beautiful portrait Mollye! I agree with Beth! You all look lovely and happy! suzie xxxx

  19. Mollye what a beautiful photo!!! Are you sure you're not sisters? ;) Marva

  20. Ahhh, what beautiful women you are...inside and out, I'm sure, if your daughters are like you! Thanks for sharing with us!


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