Friday, May 21, 2010


What year did you graduate from high school?
I graduated back in the stone age of 1961 from North Caddo High in Vivian, Louisiana

We were known as the North Caddo Rebels and our school colors were red and black

How many students were in your graduating class?and there were probably 75 or so is all

How many students attended your high school?just a wild guess of 450 probably

Do you attend your reunions?I actually went to my 5th year reunion and again for the 45th and we are beginning to plan our 50th right now for next spring! Whew "tempest fugate"

This was my high school portrait and I also had one with cap and gown which has obviously flown the coop. Check out the big hair-do. Oh my am I glad these have changed.

All my kids and most of the grandkids have already graduated and there are just three others between age 10 to 14 and the great grands and who are still hanging in there.
I miss going to the graduation excercises. This was an exciting part of the year.

What about you chicks...who's still left to walk the ivy halls?


  1. Hello my sweetie! The scholl system is a bit different over here. When I lived in Canada the school was small as we only lived in a small backwoods town. When we cam back here there were more people in my school than were in the whole town in Canada... it was slightly overwhelming! I love your photo, all fresh eyed looking forward to the future full of beans! So whats changed, you are still full of beans and looking gorgeous too! Have a special and loving weekend Mollye! suzie xxxxxxxx

  2. Oooop scoll system!??? Was I talking about those shoes? No I meant school! Typos are my speciality! xxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh if I can only get that big hair picture of mine to print...and the rectangle lizard skin glasses...1968...woohoo :D

  4. i graduated in 1997, ha! don't remember how many were in our class, maybe 250-300? have not been to a reunion, our last one was right after i had our 2nd son, and was not feeling CUTE at all, so I passed on going! LOL

  5. I always have and always will love "big hair", sweetpea!!! LOL LOL

  6. Love your big hair - you are beautiful my friend. What an interesting subject.

    I graduated in 1971 - with 771 in my class and over 2200 in my high school - a little bigger then yours! lol


  7. Oh my gosh Mollye, this is so funny. I just posted about this last night, AND included an old photo of myself! (Be sure to check it out!) I graduated in 1971. The hair-do at that time was long, straight hair! There were 1,000 kids in my graduation class...4,000 in the entire school. Yes....waaaay to big! Much more to that story...but for'll have to "read the book"! :D
    And thanks for the shout out about my book give-away!
    Oh, BY THE WAY....You are GORGEOUS in your high school pic, and now, too, OF COURSE!!

  8. Hi, Mollye.. we are all graduated out in our family, with the exception of one nephew, and that would be from college. I won't be able to go because it's in the Midwest. He thought about Tulane, but then ended up in with a full ride to a college out there. My godson just graduated from college in Austin, and I had to miss that, too. But I am very, very proud of them. My other youngest cousin (my first cousin's son) is graduating next weekend, and I will miss that, too. It's too far to go right now. We have itty bitty third cousins that will be coming up for graduation in the future! And my great niece has a little bun in the oven... so that will be 18 years down the road! LOL!

    You are about the age of my middle sister. And I remember those hairdos because she used to tease the dickens out of her hair and roll it up on BIG rollers at night with Dippity-Do! It literally was like glue for your hair, but it kept the wave in well! LOL! I put it on mine, but I was a tad younger. I still wanted to be like the big girls! ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  9. P.S. That's a beautiful pic of you, girl!

  10. What a cute post! We were just talking at work yesterday, how hearing "Pomp and Circumstance" can evoke tears!
    I "flew the coop" (Los Alamos High School) in NM about this time, what 42 years ago?! 'Still recall spotting one of my "mean" teachers backstage -- being astonished by her smile (she smiles???!!!!) and wink. Egads!

  11. Beautiful picture, big hair and all! This would be a fun idea for a blog party. Everyone could post their senior pictures and tell about their school. I graduated in 1992. It was a VERY small school, about 140 students in grades 9-12. We had about 35 in my class, which was one of the larger classes. I haven't gone to any of my reunion , but my 20th is just around the corner. We'll see!

  12. I love it! And I should have known that as beautiful as you are now you'd have been drop dead gorgeous in high school!

    Graduated 1968 from a class of 27. There were 84 in the high school, Columbia Christian. Graduation was a big deal. I'll always remember the music--"Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee" set to Beethoven's 9th, sung full-out, acapella.

    Wonderful post!


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