Wednesday, May 26, 2010


No matter where you live or what you do in life is there much better than having a Picnic?

This weekend coming up is probably the number one time of each year when more and more take to the outside for dining.

do you look for a place with a table?

or just a pretty spot in nature

Never mind the ants, the heat, the (squat!) pesky mosquitos, sand, dirt, grime, and all the other little nusances that go with planning and eating on the ground the fact remains that a Picnic is just down right Fun.

food planning usually puts me in the mood

and of course without some family it just would not work as well

throw in a few kids of various ages

and a little creek or a pool makes for more smiles

don't forget to bring plenty of ice for those yummy salads and deserts brought from home

put all dads on the grill and that's a sure hit

You've just made a day of love all over the place!

What are your Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

Punkin and I celebrate our 6th Anniversary this Saturday but Sunday we will grill in the back yard and play in the pool and for sure there will be a little family but it is always very informal with just who ever happens to come by. A day of no hard planning works best for us!


  1. Unfortunately, I will be at a funeral. But I won't call it that, it's a celebration of life as she wanted it called. And it will be. I'll get to see her whole family, and I helped raise those boys because this is a close friend.



  2. A cookout with friends and swimming in their pool!

  3. Well, happy anniversary. Congrats. I will be doing the same as you - cooking out with a small family and hope some friends stop by. sandie

  4. Hi Mollye. Congrats on your happy anniversary! I loved the photos about a BBQ. Not sure what we'll be doing, but whatever it is, it'll be fun!

  5. Happy Anniversay to a sweet lady!


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