Friday, May 14, 2010


Did you ever meet anyone famous?

Who, When, Where and Why?

Well.............don't know if you know it or not but Shreveport, Louisiana has become a meca for the film industry. We've been rated the 3rd best place in the US to film movies. Yep, for economic, overall uniqueness and other reasons New Orleans was becoming a very viable alternative to filming in places such as Los Angeles and when Katrina came the filming came to a halt and they came up north to Shreveport, and our city can now boast of close to 100 films that have been shot here.

I even played as an extra in one of them for a week and got a little check at the end of my stint which I did report on my taxes. All legit.

We've had stars such as Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Jack Black, Oliver Stone, Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, John Goodman, Nicholas Cage (in town now), Jennifer Garner, Katy Holmes, Queen Latifa, Samuel L. Jackson, Dianne Keaton, and Madonna to name a few.

I've not had the good luck or maybe I should say I've not gone out of my way to track them down to meet

but I have met a few recognizable names in my time. And my BFF in the 80's was the aunt of Mark Miller, the leader of Sawyer Brown

During my senior year of high school I once went "out" with Don Henley of the Eagles while they played a joint here and long before he was an "Eagle"

and on a band trip to the Rose Bowl I met, posed with for a picture in Hollywood none other than James Garner (then and now pics)

I met Ernest Tubb here while he played a concert in Shreveport
and stood next to Kenny Rogers in an Oklahoma convenience store

And I've met famous football players most especially Terry Bradshaw as he is from here

and some of his teammates when he played for the Steelers. I met several times and become somewhat friends with Joe Stampley from Louisiana and leader of the Uniques.
who sang "All These Things" (turn your speakers on)
And........I have met Edwin Edwards our former, and illustrious drop dead gorgeous governor who now is imprisoned and may never get out in his lifetime.

What about you? Who have you rubbed shoulders with that we ALL may know?


  1. OMGosh! What a fun question, but before I answer, I must say Maverick was such a hunk!'s my claim to fame...I was a contestant on the TV Show ALMOST ANYTHING GOES back in 1975ish. Regis Philbins and Lynn Shackleford were the announcers. I have pictures and a VCR was a scream. I'll have to Blog about it one of these days.

    I also was on the set of Waltz Across Texas and met Anne Archer. It was filmed in Midland, Texas.

  2. I got to meet (and get autographs from) L A Lakers players from the 80s. Included were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kurt Rambis, James Worthy, A. C. Green, and Magic Johnson. Being 4'11" tall, I was quite dwarfed by these gentle giants. In fact, while standing, Kareem leaned down and rested his hands on the table to better see me. Even in this position, he was still the tallest person I had ever seen. The Lakers have been since the early 80s, and will continue to be, the only basketball team I root for. I'm a true Lakers groupie! Thanks for this inspiring post and my chance at a trip down memory lane.

  3. When I was growing up in California, one of my Mother's friends lived in a neighborhood where they filmed a movie. We went over and I got to meet Bob Hope!! The movie, Bachelor in Paradise!

  4. DON HENLEY?!!!!!! i LOVE him and the eagles!!! ohmygosh, mollye!! how awesome!

    i agree, this is a most interesting post/question. okay, let me think.

    now that i look back on things, i guess most of mine are political-type celebrities. i met jimmy carter (and shook his hand) when he was president, running for re-election in 1980.

    i also met then governor of texas george w. bush in his austin capital office. in fact, my then hubby and our three kiddos got to meet with him for a while, including a picture-taking session.

    i met dan quayle (when he was VP) and had a nice conversation with him. don't hold it against me. haha

    i think that's about it. i've seen other celebrities ... musicians in concert, kevin costner while filming JFK in dallas, etc. but didn't actually meet them.

    wow. don henley. i am impressed with your cool self, mizmollye!!

    terry lee

  5. Let's see. I met and talked to Tiny Tim (Tiptoe thru the Tulips). I shook hands with Bill and Hillary Clinton. I stood in line to get into the Statue of Liberty with the boxer Marvelous Marvin Hagler - he was standing behind us. I got William Baldwin's autograph at a charity event. I met and have basketball player Billy Owens autograph. I have seen some movie stars in person on the street in NYC but did not meet them, Al Pacino, Marisa Tomei, Bernadette Peters, Peter Scolari, Christian Slater, Jessica Lange, Mercedes Ruehl (the mom in the movie Big). There could be a few others but that's all I can think of right now. Peace.

  6. Hmmm, are you going to be a star? Famous? lol

    Let's see Raquel Welsh, John Davidson, George Carlin, Tony Martin, and Bozo the clown! Lol

    I am having computer 'issues' today.


  7. Wow, Mollye! This is great fun! My husband and I met The Smothers Brothers, in Kansas City, on our Honeymoon, 27 years ago!! My husband ran up to them, started shaking their hands, acted the proverbial star struck fan! It was funny AND embarrassing! I've met Philip Gulley, author of the Harmony Series Books. He is so down-to-earth nice and quite funny! I "met" various St. Louis Cardinal Baseball players over the years, getting their autographs....I think that's it! Great Post!! Fun!

  8. OMG...anyone I've met pales to DON HENLEY...
    OMG...anyone I've met pales to DON HENLEY...
    yes...I typed that twice :D
    I love DON HENLEY!!!!
    I love DON HENLEY!!!!
    Awesome :D

  9. Well, that's quite a list, Mollye! WOW!

    I'm trying to think who I've met... probably the most famous was Tom Selleck, and let me tell you that he's every bit as gorgeous as he looks. Even more so. I'm still waiting to meet Sean Connery. ;-)

    I've met lots of politicians over the years, but no one I want to report on! LOL! Oh, except that I meet Rosalyn Carter, and she was lovely. Then I met Billy Carter in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn where my in-laws were staying, and I got his autograph. Does that count?

    And Princess Di's brother, Charles Earl Spencer. He was amazingly tall and had this GORGEOUS voice and fabulous complexion. Very polished and refined and warm. I liked him.

    Then I met some Guiding Light stars.

    Oh, and how could I forget New Orleans jazz great Ronnie Cole. I bet your Louisiana-loving heart knows him! He's some kind of talented, too, on the keyboard.


    Sheila :-)

  10. I "met" Rosalyn Carter. Not "meet". I got so excited about this, my spelling went kooky! LOL!

    And Tom Selleck is probably the most famous movie star, not celebrity. Wanted to clarify. :-)

  11. You girl are awesome!! I have been in love with Don Henley forever, I love his music! James Garner is an wonderful handsome icon. My hubby looks like Kenny Rogers...Don Henley? I am so happy for you but sooooo jealous!

    I have met Rickie Nelson at a show in Vegas
    Shook hands with Gene Autry at the Nampa Stampede in when he was a cowboy back in the 50's. I met Brenda Lee at one of her shows in Vegas. I got Yanni's autograph in the 80's.

    Don Henley!? How can anyone beat that!!!!???

    Loved this post!

  12. Wow. You've met a lot of famous people! I don't think I've ever met anyone like that. I have to content myself with being related to a lot of people who've met a lot of people. Dang.

    But I do enjoy it vicariously! And I'm amazed by you, MizMollye. My, oh, my. You do get around!

  13. I've met a few...mostly professional athletes or D list stars.

    When we lived in Palm Beach, we had a lot of Balls to go to. One time I was browsing the silent auction items at one of these Balls during the cocktail hour, turned around to say something excitedly to my husband and spilled my cosmo over the shirt of a man standing behind me. That would be a pink drink spilled on the white tuxedo shirt of Donald Trump! He was very charming about it and had one sent from home.

    And then of course there was Ozzie Osbourne on my honeymoon in Maui. Geez...I know how to pick em:-)


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