Sunday, May 16, 2010


A little smidgeon of "REST HIGH ON THE MOUNTAIN"

OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIRLS, KNOW THIS IS A STORY........TOLD BY MY "ALTER EGO". All of my James Mountain tales are truly Fiction!!!

(whut hit looked like on our mountain)

Fer all you'ins whut might be a wonderin jest whur we wuz from...hit were Clingman's Dome. Folks that ain't from them parts could mite near know whur hits at by jest knowin hits up in the Great Smokey Mountains a'tween them an the Appalachians. Well ever which a'way you look there is another hill as we call 'em an the folks whut has land calls theirs by a name too. So we called ours the James Mountain. We wuz at the very highest part of the whole state of Tennessee.

(a few chums of mine an Reuben's)

My mammy an pappy's hill whur called Foxton Mountain which we jest called Foxy fer short. We always named thangs to be shorter than they wuz. We wuz knowed in Tennessee as the volunteer state an I reckon the fact whur as all of us wuz keen an willin to do fer one another. Theres beauty in them hills.Caverns, caves, creeks, dams an forrests so big an all that a body could go into one an never git seen agin.

(this here shows whut the inside of our little church looked like)

There wuz still tribes of indians a'roamin. Them closest to our parts wuz knowed as the Eastern Cherokee. They mostly stayed amongst theirselfs. They wuz largly peaceful and did tradin with town folks.

(a slew of friends an family enjoyin dinner on the gounds)

Religion an praisin whur jest as much a part of us as whur breathin. We come up worshipin at the Fundamentalist church over to Wartburg. After me an Reuben hitched up we wuz too fer away to praise there so we commenced to goin to the meetins whur his ma an pa went up to the Holiness Church of God in Christ. We jest called hit the holiness.

(our church, how beautiful hit were)

Reuben K. James whur sech a rascal when he wuz comin up that he claimed to me the onliest way his heart had been made pure whur cause he'd got the pure hell scared plumb outta him at the holiness by Bro Rupert.

(bro. Rupert)

That tickled me. Bro Rupert mostly preached in the mornin meetins but onest in awhile he'd ketch his second wind an would go to jumpin in the evenins with us. Specially when ole Sis Bertie brung her snakes. Boys that gal shore knowed whut to do with them slithery thangs. They'd go to rattlin an she'd go to shakin 'em an afore you knowed whut had hit you, first one then t'other would be a'handin 'em from this'n to that'n. Lordy but we'd git ourselfs plum worked to a frenzy a'shoutin an praisin. I seen folks git theirselfs healed of ailments an others fall out from the pure excitement an joy of hit all. Boys talk about bein tuckered out. The James clan always got ourselfs a good night of sleep after a church meetin where we took hold of the holy ghost.

(the little class of youngins I taught scripture to)

Hope you liked a little piece of my other life afore meeting Punkin Darlin. An I'll git on back you with more as time goes on. mizmollyelou (alter ego of Mizmollye)


  1. Now, why did I think you were a Louisiana native? Girl, you had me fooled! And this was fascinating, Mollye. I love that beautiful interior shot of your church, and I enjoyed the account of what it was like in the Holiness Church. Holiness members can flat out pray. Speaking of which, please send some of your prayers heavenward for my good friend who is battling for her life. Just heard about it. She needs to know the Lord, too.

    Keep the stories coming!


    Sheila :-)

  2. uhhhhhhhhhh You ARE joking, right Sheila? I mean did you really believe all this silliness? Every aspect of this mountain tale is FICTION. Am indeed from Louisiana, am indeed Catholic, and can indeed speak the Queen's language.

    It's ok Sheila, Luvs ya regardless:) teehee

  3. Ha ha ha! Mollye you are so great! You see you tell them so well, people believe it! I am laughing now! This was fabulous! Love you sweetie! suzie xxx

  4. Hi Mollye, I make a simple potpourri recipe and add all my dried pink rose petals and flowers from my garden that I dried in a brown paper bag.
    1 qt. dried lavender buds
    3 Tablespoons orris root pre-mixed with 15 drops of lavender oil
    4 Tablespoons ground cloves
    3 or 4 broken cinnamon sticks
    Mix together and pour into a bowl
    I put old pieces of broken china, whole dried roses or a small bird nest on top of the potpourri after I pour it in the bowl.
    My bowl is a very large ironstone wash bowl that was my grandmothers.
    Enjoy it smells heavenly,

  5. Love this Mollye. You are brilliant!!! I've not yet had to deal with such grief but I hope I'm strong and amazing like you when I do!!!


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